Date for Haiti Runoff election scheduled for March 20, 2011

Haiti Electoral Council has scheduled Haiti election Runoff for March 20, 2011. The campaign for the 2nd tour will start officially on February 17 and will end March 20. Final results announcing the new president of Haiti will be done on March 31.


Who said The Haitian leaders could not work together and solve their own problems. Look at this:

- For the good of the country, Jude Celestin, in agreement with the decision of The Organization of American States, will not participate in the election. Remember that Jude Celestin came in second in the preliminary results.

- Dates for runoff campaign, election and results announced.

Wow, this is quite remarkable.

Someone must have been pissed off and demanded for those dates.

Maybe it is a coincidence, all these were accomplished just before the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Haiti on January 30.

Does Visa cancellation have anything to do with that?

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Intelektyel says...

Mirlande Devan Li Devan Net Bam Manmam'
Mirlande Devan Nan Tout Depatmen Yo
Tout Moun Poze Relax Rete Tet Fret Pa Kite Yo Chofe Tet

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Jim Egalite says...

Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake, has the extraordinary opportunity to rebuild itself and emerge as a modern country, with true development potentials.

The first step in resolving the Haitian endemic under-development and for a stable development with continued increase in the standard of living is by making electrical power available to all regions of Haiti.

Each Haitian household should have access to electrical power.


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Napbayo says...

He was who he was to be who he is.
What about you!
Are you who you are, because of you were or are you trying to find yourself by throwing rocks at him for who he is.



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Sezisman says...

It's official, have not doubt that Martelly has won Aux-Cayes and Cap-Haitien.

The persons that told this knows for certain.

He and she did not want to give me the official numbers because of concerns, which should be understood.

Enko li oficyel Matelli ginyin Okap ak Okay sen difikilte.

Kreyol pale kreyo kompren.

Siw pa kwe ret ten 31

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Ronald Altieri says...

I think you have a wonderful idea. But i would like to add to it the runner-up and all other living presidential candidates who have ever ran for the office of the presidency as well as Cedras and Namphy.

Let us do this right, and to do it right we must start alright.

We must also make sure that DR President Leonel Fernandez and Sonia Marmolejos, the Dominican woman who Breastfed a dozen or more haitian babies after the earthquake.

I am certain there were more women, but i do not recall their names.

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Jim says...


March 21, 2011

Open letter to all past Presidents of the Republic of Haiti

On this special occasion for the swearing-in of the newly elected president of Haiti, considering the importance for the Haitian people to unite and reconcile while facing this extraordinary challenge to rebuild their country, it is hoped that all past Haitian Presidents still alive would join to the newly elected president during the swearing-in ceremony and shake hands.

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Napgade says...

Les deux candidats, au lendemain du scrutin réagissent par voie de communiqué sur des tons très différents.

À la lecture des communiqués publiés par les deux candidats, nous constatons que dans la note de presse de la candidate Mirlande Manigat, transparaît une certaine nervosité et un ton plus « agressif » et « accusateur ».

De plus, la déclaration de la candidate sur sa position gagnante est assez contradictoire avec ses affirmations et mises en

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Retsezi says...

Tally sheets read out on television and radio indicated Martelly was well ahead of his rival, former first lady Mirlande Manigat, in key urban areas such as Petionville and the Cite Soleil slum in the

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Wapsuiv says...

Dans une note de presse publiée le 21 mars du bureau de communication de la candidate Mirlande H. Manigat, signé par Patrice Dumont, porte parole de la candidate il est écrit :

« Il est à déplorer cependant que certains organes de presse aient violé les centres de comptage pour diffuser a dessein des résultats de quelques bureaux de vote de Port-au-Prince alors que le décompte des votes n'avait même pas encore commencé dans la quasi totalité des centres.

Cette man"uvre grossière du camp Repons Peyizan vise à une auto proclamation programmée. Cela est contraire à la loi électorale et la démocratie en

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Sakpakontan says...

Min Toroa Min Toroa Min Toroa

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