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Jim - March 22 2011, 2:45 PM


March 21, 2011

Open letter to all past Presidents of the Republic of Haiti

On this special occasion for the swearing-in of the newly elected president of Haiti, considering the importance for the Haitian people to unite and reconcile while facing this extraordinary challenge to rebuild their country, it is hoped that all past Haitian Presidents still alive would join to the newly elected president during the swearing-in ceremony and shake hands.

This would be an event without precedent in Haitian history.

In view of the divisive nature for the past many years of Haitian politics, and following the January 12th 2010's earthquake and the extraordinary challenges Haitians are facing and will continue to face during the rebuilding of their country, this letter is addressed to the following persons:

President Jean Claude Duvalier
President Francois Leslie Manigat
President Prosper Avril
President Ertha Pascal Trouillot
President Jean Bertrand Aristide
President Alexandre Boniface
President René Garcia Préval
And the newly elected President

Your presence on the podium during the May 14th 2011's swearing-in ceremony will show not only your patriotism, but will bring forth a clear and unambiguous message to all Haitians, whatever their political leaning, of the necessity to unite above politics for this Haitian renaissance, which is spelled out quite beautifully in our national motto "L'union fait la force", "United, we are strong".

The challenge is now yours.

Sincerely yours,

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kom haiti se pou mounn port-au-prince selman li ye yo...

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