This is the section dedicated to disaster taking place in Haiti or affectiong the Haitian population. We report on Hurricane, Flood, earthquake, etc

What is a Flood?

Flooding is the commonest type of disaster worldwide. Many people have lost their lives and property has been damaged by severe floods experienced across the world.

Flood is caused by accumulation of rain water on the earth surface due to poor water retention characteristics of the soil or because the amount of rain water exceeds the soil's ability to absorb water.

Floods occur mostly in arid areas during seasons of heavy rainfall. Other regions prone to floods are equatorial regions due to their long periods of monsoon rainfalls.

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7.6 magnitude Costa Rica earthquake: 2 dead, 7.0 magnitude Haiti earthquake: over 316, 000 dead

On September 5, 2012, a strong earthquake shook Costa Rica. The earthquake lasted one minute and 10 seconds, and was recorded 7.6 magnitude in the Richter scale.

Just two people were killed by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica.

I repeat it again, only two people lost their lives

In addution, the damages were very limited in Costa Rica. It was reported that a few blocked highways and some collapsed houses were all the destructions there . Again, the death toll was two; one died of a heart attack and the another from trauma. The Red Cross had reported a total of 20 injuries as a result of earthquake in Costa Rica

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Tips for Tsunami

Tsunami detecting systems may be used in high risk areas to alert and warn the general population before tsunami waves reach the land.

It is important to provide tsunami education so that people may be able to identify the signs of an approaching tsunami. For instance, a tsunami may begin with the water at the sea shore receding. It can also begin with the water levels rising.

If the leading edge of the wave is the trough, the sea recedes before the waves hit the coast. People unaware of such signs may get excited and remain at the sea shore out of curiosity, or to collect fish from the bare sea bed.

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Tips To Help You Survive A Tornado

Though the number of deaths caused by tornadoes is not high, it is advisable to take necessary measures. A research done by Environment Canada indicates that, the probability of being killed by a tornado is one to 12 million. The chances are too low. However, we cannot take risks. Other than death of human beings, tornadoes can cause havoc. Tornadoes damage properties, displaces physical objects, brings down buildings and can easily toss cars.

Whenever signs of a tornado are observed a tornado warning is issued. You need to listen to news from your local radio and TV station for tornado warnings.

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Haiti is in the dark as Tropical Storm Isaac inflicted damages on EDH equipments

The passage of tropical storm Isaac in Haiti caused a variety of damages. Beside the alarming number of people who perished as well as damage in agriculture, Electricity d'Haiti (EDH) was also a major victim. EDH reported a loss of a total of 230 transformers, 1,200 poles of 40 feet and 1,000 poles of 35 feet. The Losses are estimated at 336 million gourdes.

Electricite d'Haiti has been working tirelessly to restore infrastructures which were completely decimated by tropical storm Isaac. They are expected to continue to work around the clock to move the process forward.

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How Tsunami is formed

A Tsunami is not just a tidal wave of larger magnitude; it is more than that. A tsunami can be described as a fast moving and endless tide that overcomes any obstacle. Tsunamis vary in magnitude and subsequently the damage they cause. Some tsunami effects go unnoticed while others cause a devastating damage to lives and property.

Factors that affect the ocean or sea bed are catalysts of tsunami. Landslides, earthquakes, large meteorite impacts and volcanic eruptions all carry the ability to generate a tsunami.

A tsunami will go unnoticed at the sea because the wave has small amplitude and a very long wavelength. In the sea a tsunami is just like a passing hump. As tsunami waves approach the dry land where the sea shallows, the waves speed is reduced. The waves begin to 'pile-up'. At the coastal line, the wave-front grows steeper and heightens, and the distance between crests lessens.

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Post-Disaster Cautions

When natural disasters hit, loss or damage to property often occurs. To protect your financial resources, here are some reminders.

Following a disaster, be careful with those who have suffered injuries. Don't attempt to reposition anyone. They could be suffering from a broken back or internal bleeding. You might harm them further or cause their death.

If someone is trapped under a fallen tree, don't try to pull them out, without being sure you can rescue them without harm.

After a disaster, con artists try to take advantage of people's financial resources. Here are some cautions to protect you.

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We are in trouble again as new storm Leslie has eye on Haiti

We are currently watching for the possibility of yet another storm for Haiti. Just after we received a severe blow from Tropical storm Isaac a new weather system is deveping and can represent a threat to Haiti.

The new weather system already has a name "Leslie". According to the last reading by The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida, the storm was located approximately 700 miles west Southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, heading westward to west-Northwestward. It is also a slow moving system with speed of about 15MPH. The conditions are favorable for the storm to develop into a Tropical storm and likely a hurricane within the next few days.

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Just a Tropical storm, Isaac killed 19 people in Haiti, compared to 2 in Dominican Republic

Every crisis tends to be much bigger if it takes place in Haiti and that holds true as well for the last tropical storm Isaac. According to the latest report from Haiti, the death toll from Tropical Storm Isaac has jumped to 19. In the meantime, it was reported that only two people died in the neighboring Dominican Republic after they were swept away in a river.

Again as you may recall, the 2010 earthquake did not kill over 200,000 people in Haiti; their homes did!

It was reported that three minors were among the dead, a 10-year-old girl who died when a wall collapsed onto her home in Thomazeau, a boy struck by a falling tree in the capital suburb of Carrefour, and another boy who was electrocuted in the northern city of Gonaives.

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Tropical Storm Isaac on Haiti - Video & Photo Updates by the minute

This is a report on the ongoing effect of the tropical storm Isaac that hit Haiti on Saturday, August 25, 2012.

Please remain connected with us. As we are monitoring the situation, we will continue to provide any update to you. The entire country is under our coverage.

Just stay put and refresh your browser often to capture the latest update posted on tropical storm Isaac.
Another video of the storm Isaac as it goes through Haiti. The storm hit Southern Haiti With Winds Around 60 Miles Per Hour. Many streets were flooded, power Lines down and homes flooded.
(video not available)

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