Video report from Jacmel as hurricane Tomas approaching

This is a video report from the city of Jacmel as Hurricane Tomas arriving at the coast. As you can see in this video report, the rain is getting heavy at time. Many areas in the city of Jacmel are not accessible at this time. The wind is picking up speed and the ocean very unstable.


A view from Jacmel of Hurricane Tomas

Watch the Video report of Hurricane Tomas passing through the city of Jacmel:

Please excuse us as this video was reported in Spanish language. For many of you who know Jacmel, the main road specially the one by the sea is almost impossible to drive in. One thing that was noticeable is that you couldn't see anyone in the streets.

You are connected with the "Haitian Joudalist" who will bring you any major development as hurricane Tomas is passing over Haiti.

As you know hurricane Tomas has the potential to cause major problems to the Haitian population. We are closely watching for potential flood, mudslides or potential spread of cholera to the population.

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