Do you think the Haitian band Zenglen will survive after Richie leaves?

In a press release dated December 15, 2011, the popular Haitian band Zenglen made it official. Their maestro Jean Herard Richard, also known as Richie will be leaving the band, effective January 2012. It seems impossible to many in the music industry and still many of my friends do not beilieve that Richie can actually leave the group Zenglen. Unfortunately, it is true.


Can Zenglen survive without Richie?

Since many people do not want to answer this, The "Haitian Joudalist" will.

Zenglen will not survive without Richie and I am willing to bet money on it. Without a musician like Richie, the band should decide to go out of business period. I know the band has many good musicians beside Richie. However, just like Gazzman said in his song:

"They need a superstar" in the band.

Richie is a huge and talented Haitian musician. He is a well known composer, singer and drummer. He has been called Star Maker and the reason is simple, many who call themselves superstars now owe it to Jean Herard Richard. I will not name names, but take a look at how many who started with Zenglen and now are considered to be superstars.

Will Richie make it on his own?

No, I do not think so. Again this is the "Haitian Joudalist" speaking. Richie will realize soon that it takes more than one person to make it in the music world, specially in Haitian Kompa. Most likely, he will produce some successful albums upon his departure from the band; one of which will be the one scheduled to be produced with Gazzman Couleur soon.

Please mark this, this is a prediction of the "Haitian Joudalist" for Jean Herard Richard, AKA Richie.

Do not fight me on this, just put your money where your mouth is.


Why do you think Richie has decided to leave Zenglen?

Do you think it is a good move?

Do you think Jean Herard Richard, AKA Richie wil come to regret this decision?

Do you think he should join Gazzman in his new Group DISIP?

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Subject: Do you think the Haitian band Zenglen will survive after Richie leaves? edit

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