Jean Claude Duvalier at Ecole de Droit et des Sciences Economiques des Gonaïves

For Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier named godfather "parain" for the promotion Robert Blanc at the Law school and Economic sciences in Gonaives. This was done for the 2011graduating class.


This is something that will make me take a moment to think about" Jean Claude Duvalier, a former Dictator, someone who was heading a government where the law was not used or respected, is being named the godfather of a graduating class of future layers.

I believe the former Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier is Haitian like all Haitians. by that, I mean he has the right to live in his country. I also believe that we need to start working on reconciliation, something that President Michel Martelly has been working on. I only have one problem: Using Jean Claude Duvalier as a figure in anything that has to do with law.

Here is the video:


Do you think it was a good thing to have Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier to be named godfather "parain" for the promotion Robert Blanc at the Law school and Economic sciences in Gonaives?

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Monel says...

Mwen te panse kod la ak brid la, se te nan djol-ou selman yo te ye wi Bourik.epa brid la te nan volonte-w tou Makak.

you know Haitian people used to involve in coup d'etat punk. there was Michel Francois -sedras -Martely's job .Haitian people have only one weapon to get any government down, for example the way we did it in1986.

I said if Michel martely refuses that 's f...k..worth dictator Jn-Claude duvalier "baby dogggg" go on trial.he's gonna loose the power period.

Ou we nou te fe 1986-1991 san pou nou refe-l anko, nap fe-l pi fasil jounen jodia.

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Bourico says...

haitien tou ap pale kk ak djol ou pwal jete Martelly a kom nou fo nan coup

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Monel says...

Se pa fot jenn yo si yo chwazi yon monster komm parenn promosyon fen etid yo.Mwen panse se yon wont pou inivesite leta, ak bann dwayen ki endwyi jenn sa yo nan katastrof sa ki pase nan vil Gonaiv.

Yon jenes san souvni, se yon jenes san avni.Jenn etidyan sa yo voye yon mesaj kle bay pep ayisyen an. Mesaj sa siyifi ke peyi sa-a a pral kontinye naje nan plis enpinite nan ane laveni yo.Se pa kritike yap kritike dictate-a, se tout oganizasyon kap defann dwa moun ak tout yon pep ki te viktim torti nan fo-dimanch ki leve vwa yo byen wo pou yo jwenn jistis.

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Matkenson Jean-baptiste says...

Mwen pa panse moun ki kritike president jean-Claude yo te ede Haiti pi plus.Nou pale sann we ak sann konnen men nou pa ka di anyen de sak fet anba chal e moun pa janm rive konnen tou.Sak te promet yo tap bay " la paix" yo te bay plus " la peur" .Pour ainsi dire l'Emminent Albert Einstein eut a dire ;" Le monde ne sera pas detruit par ceux qui font le mal, mais par ceux qui les regardent sans rien faire".Ou menm kap choute dim saw

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Colette Bony says...

I understand and respect your point of view.That is why I did not say that Jean Claude should go to jail and give back every penny of the millions he has stolen from Haiti.

My young brother, ( I learned) died at Fort Dimanche, He was looking like a ghost, just skin and bones.

My uncle died a few days before my brother at Fort Dimanche.

I am not looking for revenge.

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James says...

I understand some frustations of our citizens, but they must also understand Jean Claude was kids when he got the power.

He did not an educative man. His father left some people who were responsible to help him keep the power.

In that case, he did what those criminals told him. Now, if he wants to give his participaton in our reconstruction, we need to forgive him. My family was died too on Jean claude and Aristide for political reason.

The contry needs to move forward with out any restriction.

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Phillip says...

Is this a sick joke?

Are these students of the law or trained zombies of Duvalierism?

Shameful, disgusting.

The students should have walked out on this

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Colette Bony says...

Completely ridiculous.

Is this famous dictator a role model?He and his father
have destroyed so many Haitian fami-
lies!!!Remember Fort Dimanche?

ber the Massacre of Jérémie?

This is an insult to the memories of those who
were tortured to death.

What a

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