Dominicans considering Border wall to avoid peaceful invasion of Haitians

According to the Dominican Deputy for the National District, Mr Vinicio Castillo, who is very influential, the Dominican Republic is currently considering constructing a wall along her boundary with Haiti. He was being interviewed by Julian Valdes, who is the Director of the Political Observatory Dominican. He said that in his party, the most important issue is the sovereignty of the Dominican Republic, and he added that between these two nations there exists a physical boundary which should be respected. He explained that the situation needs urgent action to ensure strict immigration measures have been put in place.


There have been peaceful invasions by the Haitian nationals who bring more problems to the Dominican society, he went on to say. As such, he intends to propose an initiative to ensure that the situation of foreigners is brought under control. This proposal was launched by the government on June 2. If these steps do not bear fruit, he will be forced to collect around 300,000 signatures from Haitians in order to gain support of the construction of the 17km wall. He also intends to present a bill to parliament for the construction of the wall and also call for a referendum so that the Dominican people can decide on the issue.

It is said that in the beginning of this year more than 25,000 were intercepted while crossing the border from Haiti, illegally. This is according to the Dominican ministerAdmiral Sigfrido Pared Pérez. The immigrants were returned by the Specialized Corps for Terrestrial Border Security. The minister has also indicated that additional measures have been taken on immigration, which has been confirmed by the new Commander of the Tenth Battalion of themilitary body of Dajabón,Colonel Daniel Camino.

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Jacqueline Prosper says...

Mw salie nou nan presie non Ganmèt profite okazion sa ankò pou mw fè nou part de sitiyasion ayisien ki frekante Repiblik Dominkèn.monchè nap mande pou w ta fè mesaj sa pase ak otorite ayisien pa ekzan paspò yon ayisien fini, pou li renouvle l an Repiblik Dominikèn li sipoze peye 5000 $ pesos avan menm li mete yon visa.nou menm etidian nou bouke, ale tcheke paspò chak mw menm siw gen lekòl pou ale oubien ou pa ta gen 20$ us pou tcheke rantre, sa pa gade. e siw pase plis ke yon mw ou pa ale, lèw soti yap kenbe paspò a pou peye 2000$ peso tankou yo kenbe se vole ayisien ap vole.dayè yo pa bay ayisien aksè pou evolie lakay yo, o mw si se etidie nap etidie se achte nou achte sèvi yo, yo dwe genyen moso respè pou ki nè van nan bagay la?nou pa gen okenn reprezantan ki pou defann kòz sa pou nou. swasizan gen yon anbasadè,des konsil, yo ou rien ak tout moun.nap mande pou prezidan Matelli panche sou ka sa pou nou tanpri.

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