Will Jean-Claude Duvalier be arrested today?

Breaking News. Major development in the case of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti.

The Haitian authority is currently at Caribe Convention Center where they are interviewing the former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier to determine what they should do next. According to Henry Robert Sterlin, who is the attorney for Jean-Claude Duvalier, there will be a decision today on whether to have Jean-Claude Duvalier arrested or t order him out of the country.

Human Rights activists want Jean-Claude Duvalier to be arrested for looting Haiti of billions in aids and for murdering thousands of Haitians by his Tonton Macoute
What do you think?

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Jean-Claude Duvalier and wife Veronique Roy arriving in Haiti

The former President Jean-Claude Duvalier and his new wife Veronique Roy came to Haiti yesterday, January 16, 2011. The former president did not make any comment at the airport, however his wife Veronique Roy described the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier as very emotional. The former president greeted old friends and was visibly quiet.

Some are talking about the fact that Duvalier intends to play a role in the Haiti next presidential election. He is likely throw his support to one of the current candidates. Will it be Michele Martelly of Mirlande Manigat, as many people are now saying that these two are likely to be the ones selected for the runoff election.

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Another video of the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti

Here is another video of Jean-Claude Duvalier as he returns to Haiti. The former president has not been in the country since his exile. The population was glad to see him.

Here is the latest video .

Do you have an opinion about the return of former president Jean-Claude Duvalier?

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Video - Live Footage Of The Arrival Of Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti

This is a live video of the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti. Live video report on the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. Stay connected with the "Haitian Joudalist to see and watch the latest video on the arrival of former president Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti.

This is history inthe making

As new pictures and videos of Jean-Claude arrival to Haiti unfolding, we will continue to share them with you

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Jean-Claude Duvalier has landed in Haiti - Video Report

Here is the latest video report on the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. according to the video report, Jean-Claude is currently at the airport in Haiti and is expected to leave Toussaint L'Ouverture International airport shortly.

As new pictures and videos of Jean-Claude arrival to Haiti unfolding, we will continue to share them with you

Where will Jean-Claude sleep tonight?

He is going to go under the tents in Port-au-Price to show his support?

How long will he stay in Haiti?

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Jean-Claude Duvalier is expected in Haiti Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is not a joke. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier is returning to Haiti as we speak. According to Agence France Press (AFP), he is expected to land at Port-au-Prince International Airport today, around 5:30 pm. Jean-Claude Duvalier is on board of an Air France flight directly from Paris, France.

This is definitely big

Why did Jean-Claude decide to return to Haiti now?

How will that move affect the current election crisis?

What is his objective for returning o Haiti?

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