Francois Duvalier - The First Haitian President for Life

On April 14, 1907, Francois Duvalier was born in Port-Au-Prince in Haiti. His father was once a school teacher and later, he became a judge in a municipal court. He went to Haitian National University where he graduated with a degree in Medicine in 1934. He went to advance his studies in Michigan University from 1944 to 1945. In Haiti, he was a man who liked to embrace the Haitian culture and was a leader of Griot Movement in 1930s. After graduating at Michigan, he returned back to Haiti and was appointed as the Minister for Health and Labor under President Dumarsias Estime.

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Haiti to receive 5.8 from Switzerland on Jean-Claude Duvalier's behalf

The final process to return $5.8 million to Haiti is underway.

The assets of Jean-Claude Duvalier has been frozen in a Swiss bank since 1986
, collecting dusts. The Swiss government announced that the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) initiated forfeiture proceedings before the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) concerning the Duvalier assets frozen in Switzerland.

Frozen since 1986? I guess by now it is a hard rock.......

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that if everything goes according to plan, Switzerland may return up to $5.8 million to the Haitian Government

I am repeating it again: $5.8 million!

Don't you see anything wrong with this picture?

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Jean-Claude Duvalier has been taken to Canape Vert Hospital in Haiti

Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier is currently receiving treatment in Canape Vert Hospital in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. Duvalier had a terrible stomach ache, accompagned with pain in the thorax.

According to Reuters news, the former Haitian president is being treated in a private Hospital after falling ill. His attorney, Reynold George said that Duvalier will stay in the Hospital to get some rest.

To complicate his situation, on wednesday, Haitian Justice issued a House Arrest order, preventing Baby Doc Jean-Claude Duvalier from leaving his residence.

On Wednesday, the Haitian justice issued a "house arrest order" against Duvalier,

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Video Report of Jean-Claude Duvalier visit in Leogane

This is a short report of the visit by Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier in Leogane.

This video was filmed by Haiti Press Network. Jean-Claude Duvalier with his long-term friend Veronique Roy visiting some old friends. This video also captured interaction between the former Haitian president with the people in the streets.

Duvalier also took the time to pose with some children for photo opportunities.

I can not help it but watching this video of Jean-Claude Duvalier in the streets of Port-au-Prince took me back to Haiti somes years back.

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Haiti to receive UN help to go after Jean-Claude Duvalier for crimes committed

The Human Rights Office, a branch of the United Nations, has decided to help the Haitian government prosecute former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier for the killings and tortures that took place under his government. The "Haitian Joudalist" was also informed that there are no statute of limitation for important human rights violations such as torture, rape and enforced disappearance. The Human Rights Office said that people who were victimized by the Jean-Claude Duvalier regime deserves justice.

Does anyone remember this Haitian proverb: "Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje"

Translated into English: "He who gives the blow forgets; he who carries the scar remembers."

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Is Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti for financial reasons

Issue 1: A new Swiss law to be effective February 1, 2011 allows the Swiss authorities to return close to $7 million frozen in Jean-Claude Duvalier's account to the Haitian government.

Issue 2: On January 16, 2011, just 15 days before the law takes effect, former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier is in Haiti, at the surprise of Many. The former Haitian dictator says he is in Haiti because he wants to help his country.

Issue 3: Jean-Claude Duvalier hired Bob Barr, a former US Congressman, as his advisor. He is also requested the services of two other American lawyers include: Ed Marger and Mike Puglise to help Jean-Claude to unlock frozen funds from Swiss Banks.

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Video of Jean-Claude Duvalier First Press Conference since returning in Haiti

Here is the first Press conference of Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier since his return in Haiti. This was brought to you by "The Haitian Joudalist". As many people wanted to hear from Jean-Claude's own mouth why he is in Haiti, what he decided to do in Haiti, for how long he intends to remain in Haiti.

Here is the video of the conference. You can judge for yourself.

Our job is to bring you the information directly from the source and let you make your own opinion

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Why did Jean-Claude Duvalier really return to Haiti?

The return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti make many people to ask the questions: Why?, Why now?, what are the intents?

Is it really because he wants to help his country as Jean-Claude Duvalier stated?

Does he have a political plan that we do not know about yet?

Did Jean-Claude Duvalier make an intelligent calculation on the potential charges that would likely file against him and also develop a strategy to deal with them.

Speculation on why Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti raised the point that Duvalier made a calculated judgment that this is the best possible moment to return to Haiti. The justice system in Haiti is still shaky and can be influenced.

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Jean-Claude Duvalier ordered to stay in Haiti and Passport confiscated

Two days after his return in Haiti, Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested and ordered to stay in Haiti and his passport taken away. Jean-Claude Duvalier was accused of theft and corruption.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested on January 18, from room 303 of hotel Karibe in Port-au-Prince. He appeared calm and was not handcuffed. Duvalier was taken before a judge in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, and charged with theft and corruption while his supporters were protesting outside of the State Prosecutor's Office.

Here is the video where Jean-Claude Duvalier was taken to court:

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FLASH!, Jean-Claude Duvalier just received his arrest in Haiti

Breaking News. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Former president Jean-Claude Duvalier has been arrested. He went to the police van without a handcuff and was accompanied with his wife is Veronique Roy. The family was escorted by Haiti National Police.

Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti on January 16, 2011. He returned after more than 25 years in exile in France. " I came to help my country" Jean-Claude said at the airport on January 16, 2011. Now the latest is that Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested by the Haitian authority while in Haiti.

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