Video - Live Footage Of The Arrival Of Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti

This is a live video of the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti. Live video report on the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. Stay connected with the "Haitian Joudalist to see and watch the latest video on the arrival of former president Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti.


This is history inthe making

As new pictures and videos of Jean-Claude arrival to Haiti unfolding, we will continue to share them with you

Where will Jean-Claude sleep tonight?

He is going to go under the tents in Port-au-Price to show his support?

How long will he stay in Haiti?

Does Jean-Claude Duvalier want to run for president of Haiti?

Will he go back to Franc or stay permanently in Haiti?

Will Rene Preval hand former president Jean-Claude Duvalier over to the Justice Department in Haiti?

So many questions my friend!

Do you have an answer? Please comment

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Gesnel Adelson says...

Well, I do not know what to say. A wicked man, criminal, and a theft like that Jean Claude, Duvalier brought back to Haiti by the united states, and france.

Those countries don't really like Haiti.We, haitians have to keep fighting because the anciant tonton makouts still want to rebuild the dictatorship regime.

Now it's time for justice in order to bring somes examples to others.

Otherwise, the same crimes will keep

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

this is democracy in action, a man who kill lot of it people, still most of the money now he love haiti give me a brake, that white lose so the only card the can play is this so who is next aristide, they should take him strait to jail finaly and make him pay all the money he stoles from us .or maybe this is how french want to pay back to

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Derrick says...

Welcome back Jean-Claude to your beautiful country of Haiti.

I would like for all Haitians outside of the country to be able to return and start contributing to the country.

Haiti needs all of his children.

Whether they are called Jena-Claude Duvalier, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, He needs them

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Mimose Jantille says...

Wow, Jean-Claude in Haiti.

Who is next?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide?

They are all coming back. They can leave but they will always come back to the motherland.

The Haitian usually does not know how important it is t them until they leave the country.

If only we can take care of

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Joseph says...

Where is this decision supposed to do for Haiti.

Is Jean-Claude Duvalier interested in becoming president of Haiti once again?

One thing I know, if the international community did not want that to happen, I would not

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Palma says...

I did not see it coming.

Jean-Claude Duvalier in the Haitian game once again.

Does anyone see why this is going on at this time. I think the international community is behind this

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