The education system in Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, and the rural population remains underrepresented in the country%u2019s classrooms.There are many challenges. Currently, most Haitian schools are private rather than state-funded

14 Per Cent of National Budget for Universal Education in Haiti

Education has remained a key obstacle for Haiti's economic and social development. A survey indicates that approximately 35% of the Haitian youth are unable to read and on average Haitian children spends less than four years in school. The present Martelly government is committed to offer free and universal education on a priority and has rolled out a plan get 1.5 million students in school with improved curriculum and trained teachers by 2016.

On February 7th, 2014, the Haitian President Michel Martelly told a special session of the OAS (Organization of American States) Permanent Council that his government has sanctioned 14% of the national budget to promote universal education. Universal education gives access and equal opportunity to all people to education regardless of their background, class, ethnicity or physical disabilities. According to the Haitian President, the government held view that education is the linchpin for every development process whether it is on protecting environment, judicial system or for economic development. His government is in the process of identifying prospective areas for promoting foreign investments.

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Howard University School of Business welcomes Michel Martelly

On 5th February, 2014, every visitors, faculties and students were waiting eagerly to listen a forum from a distinguished guest who amidst a turbulent situation, is successfully leading a country steadily towards recovery. When Michel Martelly, the President of the Republic of Haiti visited the main campus of Howard University School of Business, all the blue-seated rows for the students were filled and the auditorium doors were closed ten minutes before the program was due to start. The Interim President of the institution Wayne Frederick in tune with this sentiment announced "this is a significant moment for us to have President Michel Martelly among us at our university." The Haitian President was welcomed to the stage by a standing ovation before he began his speech slowly.

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Petit-Trou de Nippes's Dany Laferriere Library

On January 26, 2014, the Dany Laferriere Library celebrated its official opening with an array of noted Haitian authors in attendance for the ceremony. They included, among many glitterati present, Yanick Lahens, Bonel Auguste, Christophe Phillipe Charles, Killy Charlot, and poet, Claude C. Pierre.

Dany Laferriere is a Haitian-Canadian novelist and journalist, who began life in Port-au-Prince, but was later reared in Petit Goave. He toiled as a journalist in Haiti prior to relocating to Canada, which he did in 1976. He continued his work as a journalist in Canada, as well as hosting several TV shows for TQS network.

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Edwidge Danticat and the Haitian Immigrant Experience

Haitian author Edwidge Danticat's new novel Claire of the Sea Light is the Wilmette Public Library's official selection for its 2014 "One Book, Everybody Reads" community program. Danticat, who immigrated to New York City from Haiti with her parents at 12, has been the recipient of every major literary award that can be bestowed on her. She has been on top-ten, best book, best fiction book lists, as well as the Washington Post's 2013 Notable Fiction list.

Claire of the Sea Light limns the Haitian immigrant life, its history, culture, and the people themselves. Several themes weave their way through the magical storytelling of Danticat's deft characterization of cultural roles in the immigrant community. A story of a young Haitian girl, who is orphaned by her father in expectation she will be better taken care of; the story elliptically traces Claire's experiences back to her old life in the tiny fishing hamle,t where she once lived.

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Learning French the main goal of education in Haiti

Haiti is a country of 10 million, give or take. Of that number, more than 90% speak Creole. The constitution of 1987 mentioned Creole as the single most binding language among the Haitian people. Why then is it still marginalized, and why is French, spoken by only 10% of the population, still the dominant language in the professional Haitian world, to the detriment of the majority of the population? It is these issues that Jacques Pierre, a Creole Studies professor at Duke University, is asking in an open forum for his recent piece in the Miami Herald called 'Haiti's French/Creole Divide'.

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University of Limonade closed following altercation, sequestration and death

Haiti violence has reached the University of Limonade. On Monday, as a result of a demonstration by students of the University, Haiti National Police intervened and as a result, a shopkeeper was killed, several people were injured and many property destruction were recorded.

It was also reported that some of the University students were involved in the sequestration of the administrative and academic authorities of the University of King Henri Christophe campus in Lemonade.

Se pou kombyen tan Inivèsite sa aprale femin-la? Nou deja pa minm ginyin lekol an Ayiti.

Eske Elev sa yo ki te kimbe direkte sa yo te intelijan asse pou yo te konnin ke yon bagay kon sa gin gro danje ladan li? Eske yo konning yon ti non yo rele "kidnaping"

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Agreement between the Ministries of Education of Haiti and France

A new agreement on the course of Haiti's education has been signed by the governments of both France and Haiti. The agreement, which holds under its purview three areas, under which both education ministries will cooperate, was signed by the Minister Delegate at France's Ministry of National Education, George Pau-Langevin and Haiti's Education Minister, Vanneur Pierre.

With their three tiered plan, the governments' agreement seeks to develop the pedagogy of digital teaching and learning with the utilization of ICT, information technology and communication. It is an e-learning objective that will focus on digital methods in the training of teachers as well as the evaluation and regulation of the education system.

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School in Petite Plaine Grandou in Bainet and Macieux in Bras de Gauche

PLAN-Haiti, a program that develops the education infrastructure in Haiti, has finished constructing three new schools on the island: Petite Plaine, Macieux, and Congregation of St. Joseph, all national schools. The schools have been fully equipped, including teaching aids. All three were launched at the beginning of December.

Before the new Petite Plaine National School was completed, the only roof over the heads of the children was a tarpaulin. This inadequate set-up made it impossible to hold classes when the rainstorms came, and children were sent home frequently. OAK, a non-profit, stepped up to the plate and funded the new school under the Green School program for $1,150,000 USD.

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Digicel receives Award for Contribution to Education in Haiti

Telecommunications giant, Digicel, one of Haiti's mobile phone providers, won a Corporate Citizens of the Americas (CCA) award at a dinner in Washington D.C. The Trust for the Americas (The Trust), in partnership with the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Development Bank sponsors the CCA award. The honor was presented to Digicel CEO Sophia Stansky and Project Director, Rachel Pierre.

It was given to Digicel in the Vulnerable Communities division for its work in education. Digicel's foundation plans to construct 150 schools in the next year with 450-plus hours of teacher training, including mentoring and professional development, offered to 600 applicants.

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Haitian Studies Association welcomed over 250 scholars

After a quarter century, the contributions made to Haiti's academic patrimony by the Haitian Studies Association have been rightly celebrated by 9 past presidents, 250 current scholars and various organizers, activists, practitioners and researchers in the field at the annual conference held November 7th to 9th.

On the occasion, various panels were held covering topics such as history, literature and even Haitian vodou. Speeches were given, including one by Michele Pierre-Louis, former prime minister, and two sessions were held on the work of the late Michel-Rolph Trouillot who was a respected anthropologist.

Vivian Gautier, ninety-six years old, received an award for her contributions to the promotion of Haitian dance for over 70 years. Also awarded were filmmaker Arnold Antonin, playwright and author Franketienne and authors Georges Eddy Lucien and Kate Ramsey.

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