The education system in Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, and the rural population remains underrepresented in the country%u2019s classrooms.There are many challenges. Currently, most Haitian schools are private rather than state-funded

New Law School at Aristide University in Haiti

Following an announcement made on July 8, 2013, University of San Francisco professor of law, Nicole Phillips unveiled plans for a four-year law program, aimed at creating Haiti's next generation of lawyers, to be opened at the University of Aristide Foundation (UniFa). The program, which will have 150 enrollees, is set to begin its first semester of classes this coming fall. Phillips has already been drafted for faculty duty, and the wish is that other educators in the US legal system can be brought to Haiti to impart their knowledge; most significantly through a partnership between UniFa and the University of San Francisco.

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Around 14,000 candidates for baccalaureate excluded of official exam in Haiti

It was confirmed by National Office of State Examination's Director, Renan Michel that all preparations have been made for welcoming nearly 745,000 candidates for official exams to be held during the period June 19 through July 12. The Director reported that 6th and 9th fundamental years' cards were already distributed and the baccalaureate candidates' cards were also distributed to the Departmental Directorates. He also reported that the selection of the supervisors as well as examination centers was already completed for the entire territory.

Education Ministry's Deputy Director General Ecclésiaste Télémaque stated that the quality of the subjects of examination will be precise and clear and the degree of difficult will match to what has been taught during the academic year.

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University of Ethnology Students Battle Police Over Student Killing

The government of Haiti (GOH) has low tolerance when it comes to democratic demonstrations. Last fall--for unknown reasons--the Haitian National Police (HNP) fired at and killed a student on the University of Haiti school grounds. Five other students were taken into custody and jailed before charges were dropped and they were freed.

Angered by the killing, Ethnology students assembled to demonstrate. When the HNP arrived, they set fire to a classroom, burning everything in it. They also fired at length on the demonstrators to scatter them.

The HNP, a corrupt law-enforcement agency, has been infiltrated by former military officers of the Haitian National Army (HNA), whose ultimate aim is a government take-over. The HNP is infamous for perpetrating human-rights abuses while the GOH looks the other way. The HNP operates as if it were still under the control of François Duvalier, terrorist president of the 1950s and 60s.

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College Sainte Rose de Lima, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

College Sainte Rose de Lima is a congregation, a private school that is located in Grandes Antilles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school was created by Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. Divided into two parts, the Sainte Rose de Lima operates as Primary and Secondary School. Sister of Presentation Pascal leads the primary school which consists of grades 1st to 6th. The secondary school on the other hand is led by Sister Anne Marie. The secondary school consists of 7th grade to Philosophy.

In College Sainte Rose de Lima, the building for primary school has a capacity of 40 students on an average for each classroom and there are 12 classrooms in total. For recreation, the primary school also has a playground-large-box in form of a small bar. The secondary school on the other hand has 14 classrooms that includes 2 classrooms built in the new building that was built and completed in the year 1994. The top floor holds the "former old box", language laboratory, computers, and Marian Youth room who were the former residents of the dormitory.

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College Soeurs de La Charite de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon

Collège Soeurs de La Charité de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon is a Roman Catholic Institution held privately. Located at the central point between Petionville and Port-au-Prince in the Bourdon borough of Haiti, the school has always followed the education system that has long prevailed in Haiti. Thus, St Louis de Bourdon offers both primary and secondary schools. The primary school includes grade K to grade 6 while the secondary schools extends from grade 7 to philosophy grade.

The Collège Soeurs de La Charité de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon was founded by a France based congregation called Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. The person who played the instrumental role in founding the congregation in 1803 was Marie Louise Elizabeth de Lamoignon. The goal of the ever expanding congregation was to impart education to young women globally and the same goal led the congregation to open the college in Haiti.

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College Roger Anglade, Port-au-Prince Haiti

Sometimes referred to as College Roger A. Anglade, the College Roger Anglade or the CRA is a primary and secondary school that is held privately. CRA operates with one single motto - Higher & Higher or as they say in Haiti - Toujours plus haut. The school logo displays this motto of CRA. Roger Anglade founded the College Roger Anglade in 1957 along with Raymonde Anglade, his wife. The school suffered a significant structural damage during the devastating earthquake of 2010. Located in Port-au-Prince, the College Roger Anglade is one of the most prestigious and famous schools in Haiti.

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St. Francois d'Assise in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Haiti earthquake destroyed many buildings across the island. A large number of these included schools and one among them, still finding it difficult to rebuild after the three years that have passed, is St. François d'Assise.

The school for girls, which is operated by the Sisters of St. François d'Assise, was almost completely destroyed by the quake. This year, the college celebrates its 50th anniversary, stronger, but still crippled by the loss of their technological resources suffered on January 12, 2010.

With a student body of 1,500, the school relies on technology to give an edge to its girls who are often from the strata of the poor, or suffer from learning disabilities. A generous donation from Polish sponsors of 12 Dell computers is currently put to good use, shared by the student body. However, there is a desperate need for 50 additional workstations for the primary and secondary schools of the college St. François d'Assise. Also necessary to equip the school with the vital tools that are synonymous with a sound education today is computer hardware like printers and A/V equipment such as projectors.

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Nouveau College Bird celebrating its 50th anniversary in Haiti

The year of 2010 brought many changes to Haiti, and to the Nouveau College Bird. It was to be the year of their 50th anniversary, and at the beginning, the college was decimated by the earthquake, a second time of desolation for the school in its impressive 50 year past.

Named after the American Methodist missionary Rev. Mark B. Bird, the Nouveau suggests rightly that the school had been reborn once before. It began as Wesley College, a school for both boys and girls, in the 1840's. After Bird's death in 1880, the school was moved and given its new name, then, College Bird. A fire gutted that building and today, after a build in 1960, Nouveau College Bird stands at the spot.

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Institution du Sacre-Coeur Turgeau - Les Filles de la Sagesse

It has been a slow but eventual road to recovery for the sisters and students of the Institution du Sacré-Coeur de Turgeau. Ever since the January 2010 earthquake, which, in less than a minute, took down the old Sacred Heart in its entirety save for the gymnasium, the rebuilding process has been in progress. Now, the school can celebrate its brand new infrastructure, including the secondary school completed last year--with plans for three other modules to follow--, but there were many steps along the way to the restoration of the Institute of the Sacred-Heart.

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Petit Seminaire College Saint Martial

Spiritans, a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation founded in 1703, have been working globally to help the poor and the needy. There are total 43 Spiritans who are connected with the Haitian Foundation of the Congregation of which 12 are ministering within Haiti, 12 others are ministering outside the Island Country and there are 19 seminarians from Haiti who are studying for priesthood.

One of the several ministries of the Spiritans in Haiti is the Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martial (PSCSM). The Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martial is located centrally at Port-au-Prince and it is actually a Catholic school that was established in the year 1865. Originally the PSCSM was a petit séminaire or minor seminary meant only for the candidates to priesthood. 7 years after its establishment, College St. Martial started operating as an open school which has, ever since then, provided quality education to several generations of Haitians. From 1865 to date, well over 300 Spiritans missionaries that include brothers and priests, have ministered and worked at the school.

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