School in Petite Plaine Grandou in Bainet and Macieux in Bras de Gauche

PLAN-Haiti, a program that develops the education infrastructure in Haiti, has finished constructing three new schools on the island: Petite Plaine, Macieux, and Congregation of St. Joseph, all national schools. The schools have been fully equipped, including teaching aids. All three were launched at the beginning of December.


Before the new Petite Plaine National School was completed, the only roof over the heads of the children was a tarpaulin. This inadequate set-up made it impossible to hold classes when the rainstorms came, and children were sent home frequently. OAK, a non-profit, stepped up to the plate and funded the new school under the Green School program for $1,150,000 USD.

In the cases of both Macieux and St. Joseph National Schools, they were flattened by the 2010 earthquake, unable to re-open. PLAN-Haiti secured funding from Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development to re-build the schools, which cost $719,426 USD.

The Macieux and St. Joseph construction projects faced daunting challenges, due to poor road conditions and bad weather. The roads were in such a distressed state, the only way building materials could be conveyed to the construction sites was by manual labor, on peoples' backs and heads.

South East Program Unit Director Miralda Jameau, a PLAN-Haiti administrator, is gratified that the projects were able to be completed, despite difficulties and delays. She has encouraged the communities to utilize the buildings to the fullest extent in order to thank the agencies that have made this gift possible.

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