Jude Celestin will not go to Run-off election with Jovenel, Jean Hector Anacacis

If you thought for a second that there was a chance for the current electoral crisis to come to an end, you were probably dreaming. Jean Hector Anacacis who is the person in charge of Lapeh said this morning that there is no way Jude Celestin will go to a run-off election with the candidate of PHTK, Jovenel Moise. He insists that the only satisfactory decision for the current Commission of evaluation is to exclude Jovenel. According to former Senator Anacacis, Michel Martelly has time to avoid a KO and remove his candidate from the process because of all the frauds conducted on behalf of the PHTK candidate.


What do you think?

Are we going to get out of this crisis anytime soon?

Haitian Kreyol:

Si ou te panse ke te gen yon chans kounye a pou kriz electoral la te vini nan yon fen, ou te pwobableman ap reve. Jean Hector Anacacis ki an chaj nan Lapeh di maten an ke pa gen okenn fason Jude Celestin pral ale nan yon eleksyon deziem tou ak kandida PHTK, Jovenel Moise. Li ensiste ke sèl desizyon satisfezan pou Komisyon evalyasyon an se eskli Jovenel. Dapre ansyen Senatè Anacacis, Michel Martelly gen tan devan li toujou pou evite yon KO epi retire kandida l 'soti nan pwosesis la paske pou tout frod yo fèt pou kandida PHTK an.

Kisa ou panse?

Èske nou pral jwenn yon soti nan kriz sa byento?

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Subject: Jude Celestin will not go to Run-off election with Jovenel, Jean Hector Anacacis edit

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