Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste chose Commission over Renmen Ayiti

Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste did not think that if she had to make a choice between being part of a Presidential Commission of Electoral Evaluation and remaining with Platform Renmen Ayiti would be too hard to make. In fact, it did not take her a long time to make the decision to ignore the request of the political platform to renounce to any participation in this Commission. Mambo Euvonie G. Auguste explained that "Renmen Ayiti is a platform composed of 6 political parties to which she is not a member of any of them.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Manbo Euvonie Georges Auguste chwazi Komisyon sou platfòm Renmen Ayiti

Manbo Euvonie Georges Auguste pa t 'panse ke si li te gen pou fè yon chwa ant Komisyon Prezidansyèl nan Elektoral Evalyasyon ak rete ak platfòm Renmen Ayiti ta ka twò difisil. Anfèt, li pa t 'pran l' yon bon bout tan pou fè desizyon an ki inyore demann platfòm politik nan patisipasyon Komisyon an. Manbo Euvonie G. Auguste te eksplike ke "Renmen Ayiti se yon platfòm ki konpoze de 6 pati politik e ke li se pa yon manm nan okenn nan yo.

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste chose Commission over Renmen Ayiti edit

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