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Moise Jean Charles issued 4 day ultimatum for Commission of verification

If President Jocelerme Privert thought that he was having lots of pressures to put a new Prime Minister in place, things are not getting are not getting any better for him. The leader of Platform Pitit Dessalines just just issued an ultimatum to the new President. According to Moise Jean Charles, Jocelerme Privert has a maximum of four days to put in place a commission of verification to investigate the results of the previous elections.

President Privert is in the hot seat

Haitain Kreyol:

Moise Jean Charles bay 4 jou iltimatòm pou Komisyon verifikasyon an

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G8 rejects report from Commission, wants transitional government

In a note to the newsmedia, the G8 rejected the report issued by the Commission and demands the establishment of a government of transition to replace Martelly-Paul Government. According to the G8, the commission did not have the courage to make appropriate recommendations following observation of massive frauds because of their dependence on the executive government and the international community.


G8 rejte rapò ki soti nan Komisyon, vle gouvènman tranzisyon

Nan yon nòt yo bay Lapes, G8 la rejte rapò emèt pa Komisyon an. Yo mande etablisman yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou ranplase Gouvènman Martelly-Paul an. Dapre G8 la, komisyon an pa t 'gen kouraj pou fè rekòmandasyon ki apwopriye yo apre obsèvasyon frod masiv paske yo depandans de gouvènman egzekitif ak kominote entènasyonal la.

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Commission of Electoral Evaluation Makes Recommendations

On Sunday 3 January, 2016, the Independent Electoral Evaluation Commission has released its report on the 25 October presidential elections. The reports clearly conclude that the said election was tainted by irregularities at the polling stations benefitting several candidates through proxy voting and other fraudulent means, committed by their representatives. The Commission was appointed by President Martelly on December 22, 2015 under section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005. It was formed in response to the demands of his oppositions to evaluate the fairness of the October 25th election and to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process. Due to the short time frame, many questions were left unanswered and the commission failed to rightly conclude the degree by which the presidential election and its published results were compromised by "irregularities akin to fraud"-- as it has reported.

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Gedeon Jean, not signing recommendations, wants to have it both ways

To me this is another case of "Maronage" that we see often with Haitians. The representative of the Human Rights, Me Gedeon Jean, was the only member of the Presidential Election Evaluation who decided not to sign the recommendations. According to Jean, he found several cases of severe irregularities in some of the Procee Verbals (PV) and felt a complete vote recount should have been done by the Commission. Also, he was not in favor of a total annulment of the election either.

I thinks Me Gedeon Jean wants to have it both ways. If things turn out acceptable, he is there. If things turn out bad for the member of the Presidential Election Evaluation, in a sense, if they become discredited, he can find an escape route. It is just like a woman who is telling you that she is just a little bit pregnant. That can't happen; you can be either pregnant or not.

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Only the last election will be evaluated by the Commission

For those looking for a complete evaluation of past two election organized by the CEP, with a possibility to declare then null and void I want to tell you that the Evaluation Commission doesn't see it this way. You can look at the commission as a group here to do a paint job. Let's keep the dirt on the wall and give it a nice paint job like we recently did in Jalousie slum.

Despite huge cases of fraud recorded on August 9 and October 25, the new Commission of Evaluation has decided only to look at irregularities in the October 25 election. Members of the Commission made that clear to the press on December 28, 2015 that its mission is to look only at the first round of the Presidential election that took place on October 25

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Michel Martelly Issues Commission of Electoral Evaluation Decree

On Thursday, December 17, 2015, after repeated allegations against the CEP and BCEN, the outgoing President Martelly ordered the creation of a special commission by virtue of the power of section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005, to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process scheduled to be held on December 27, 2015. Since the second runoff of the presidential election has been deferred and rescheduled for January 17, 2016 and two of the five commission members and their platforms were unwilling to participate in the commission, the commission has been reorganized with few changes on December 22nd. As per New York Times news report, the October 25 election was marred by so much ballot tampering, illegal voting and other abuses that it could be denounced as 'illegitimate'. The second place winner Jude Celestin has said, the October election and its consequential results were "ridiculous farce". As per Prime Minister Evans Paul, the main objective of this Commission would be to create political stability in the country and ensure that the entire voting process is transparent and free from all biases.

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Manno Charlemagne and Konpe Filo out of commission

Manno Charlemagne AKA Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne and Konpè Filo AKA Anthony Pascal are two popular Haitian artists who just find themselves out of commission. Literally speaking, these two were originally selected by the Martelly government to take part of the Commission of electoral evaluation. However after further negotiation and in an effort to have a more balanced commission, they were replaced by Me Gédéon Jean representing the human rights sector and Pastor Louis Armand, representing the Protestant Church.

What do you think?

Will this new commission become more acceptable t the opposition?

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Commission of electoral evaluation finally installed

Late yesterday, at the hotel Kinam in Petionville, the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation was finally installed. Prime Minister Evans Paul proceeded to the installation of the Independent Commission of Electoral Evaluation with two of the members replaced. Here is the new composition:
Mgr Patrick Aris,
Pastor Armand Louis,
Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste,
Me Gédéon Jean and
Rosny Desroches

Prime Minister Evans Paul insisted that the Government will assure that the commissions operate with total independence aimed at bring out the truth. The Commission has until December 30th to provide their recommendations to the executive and the CEP

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Commission of Electoral Evaluation Installed With Changes

On Thursday, December 17, President Martelly created a 5-member Independent Commission on Electoral Evaluation, with the power of section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005, to assess the condition of the country's remaining electoral process scheduled to be held on December 27, 2015. However, since the December 27, 2015 election was postponed and rescheduled for January 17, 2016, and some of the members of the commission and their political platforms were reluctant to participate, the commission has been reorganized. The unwilling members like, Manno Charlemagne (Joseph Emmanuel Charlemagne) and Konpè Filo (Anthony Pascal) were replaced by Me Gédéon Jean (representing the human rights sector) and the Pastor Louis Armand (representing the Protestant Church). The other three members of the commission are: Mgr Patrick Aris, the Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste, and Rosny Desroches.

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Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste chose Commission over Renmen Ayiti

Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste did not think that if she had to make a choice between being part of a Presidential Commission of Electoral Evaluation and remaining with Platform Renmen Ayiti would be too hard to make. In fact, it did not take her a long time to make the decision to ignore the request of the political platform to renounce to any participation in this Commission. Mambo Euvonie G. Auguste explained that "Renmen Ayiti is a platform composed of 6 political parties to which she is not a member of any of them.

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