Name of Mandataires caught cheating in next election to be publicized

The President of the CEP, Leopold Berlanger, thinks he has the problem regarding "Mandataires" or poll watchers under control for the next election scheduled for October 9, 2016. Berlanger admitted that what has triggered fraud in the previous election was the phenomenon of assigning blank accreditation cards to over 1 million poll watchers or "Mandataires" and allowing them to potentially cast multiple ballots at any polling station they want.


The current plan is to assign "Mandataires" only to the voting centers and polling stations where they are registered. Leopold Berlanger thinks that will reduce the potential for fraud.

In addition, this time anyone caught cheating will be published in the media with details of their crimes.

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Subject: Name of Mandataires caught cheating in next election to be publicized edit

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