Pierre Louis Opont resigned from the CEP

The President of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont has resigned. According to a source close, one that we trust. The decision was made by the President of the CEP. His letter will likely be sent to President Michel Martelly today (January 29, 2016). However it is confirmed Pierre Louis Opont is no longer the President of the CEP. The remaining members of the CEP have not made up their mind yet; however, at this time it is unavoidable. We no longer have a CEP


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Haitian Kreyol:

Pierre Louis Opont bay demisyone li nan CEP a

Prezidan CEP a, Pierre Louis Opont te demisyone. Dapre yon sous nou ka fè konfyans, Prezidan KEP lan te pran desizyon an, kounye a li jis gin pou voye lèt demisyone bay Prezidan Michel Martelly jodi a (, 29 janvye 2016). Sepandan se konfime Pierre Louis Opont pa Prezidan CEP a. Manm yo ki rete nan CEP a pa anko fè leve lide yo; sepandan, nan moman sa a li se inevitab. Nou pa gen yon CEP

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Subject: Pierre Louis Opont resigned from the CEP edit

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