US Government coming to term with Transitional Government in Haiti

It was quite a shift but finally the American Government has made a 90 degree turn to now support the creation of a Transitional Government. According to information obtained, the American Government is now leaning toward a transitional government that will replace the Martelly government on February 7. The United States' Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten is considering a new Provisional Government for a short period of time. Any decision at this time will have opposition. Some supporters of the Government wants him to stay in power until May 14 in order to supervise the election run-off; however, the core opposition group does no believe that the actual government has any credibility to hold election


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Haitian Krekol:

US Government vini aksepte Tranzisyonèl Gouvènman an Ayiti

Se te byen yo gwo chanjman men finalman Gouvènman Ameriken an te fè yon vire de 90 degre pou li kounye sipòte kreyasyon yon Gouvènman Pwovizwa. Dapre enfòmasyon nou jwenn, Gouvènman Ameriken an kounye a apiye direksyon yon gouvènman tranzisyon ki pral ranplase gouvènman Martelly 7 Fevriye. Koòdonatè Espesyal Kenneth Merten ap konsidere yon nouvo Gouvènman Pwovizwa pou yon kout peryòd de tan. Nenpòt desizyon nan moman sa a pral gen opozisyon. Gen kèk sipòtè Gouvènman an ki vle l 'yo rete nan pouvwa jiskaske 14 Me, nan lòd pou sipèvize dezyèm tou eleksyon an; sepandan, gwoup opozisyon an pa kwè ke gouvènman aktyèl la gen kredibilite pou fè eleksyon

Kisa ou panse?

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