Yolette Mengual, self imposed work cessation at the CEP is over

Yolette Mengual is back to work at the Provisional Electoral Council(CEP). Reason: no one dear to bring corruption charges against me. She announced her decision on her Twitter page. According to Mengual, she wrote to the president of the CEP to inform him of her decision to return to work. " I want to inform you that I decide to return to work at the CEP. This decision was made due to the fact that no complaint was made against my person..........."


I have a few questions for Yolette Mengual:

Have you heard that the run-off election has been postponed?

What exactly would you be doing at the CEP at this time?

Do you think any new decision taken in regard of this CEP will involve you?

Haitian Kreyol:

Yolette Mengual, oto enpoze sispansyon travay nan CEP a fini

Yolette Mengual tounen nan travay nan Konsèy Elektoral Pwovizwa a (KEP). Rezon ki fè: pa gen yon sèl moun ki pote chaj kòripsyon sou mwen. Li te anonse desizyon li nan paj Twitter l '. Dapre Mengual, li te ekri Prezidan nan CEP a pou enfòme l ' a desizyon li pou li retounen nan travay. "Mwen vle enfòme ou ke mwen deside pou retounen nan travay nan KEP a. Mwen te pran desizyon sa lefèt ke pa gen okenn plent ki te fèt kont mwen ..........."

Mwen gen yon kèk kesyon pou Yolette Mengual:

Eske ou te tande ki eleksyon dezyem tou sa te ranvwaye?

Ki sa egzakteman ou pral fè nan CEP a nan moman sa a?

Ou panse nenpòt nouvo desizyon ki pral pran nan CEP sa a pral gen pou wè ak ou?

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Subject: Yolette Mengual, self imposed work cessation at the CEP is over edit

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