Don Kato unsure he will appear at Carnival

Brothers Posse's lead vocalist, Don Kato, is queasy about accepting an invitation to perform at this year's carnival. In 2013 and 2014 Kato was shunned by the National Carnival (NC) committee, which had something to do with President Martelly interfering in the selection process.


The reason behind the two-year ban was Kato, along with other musicians in 2013, sang songs at carnival that were unfavorable toward the Martelly government. Martelly, although signaling he was not annoyed by the anti-government lyrics, nonetheless indulged in some double-talk during a radio interview. He made an invalid comparison between the songs' attacks on his government to the carnival theme, environmentalism. He said the critical lyrics were out of place with such a theme.
Ironically, Martelly, known as former singer Sweet Micky, himself was prone to attacking the Haitian government at carnival time.

However, Haiti's new Prime Minister, Evans Paul, does not have a clear conscience on continuing to ban Kato from carnival. He contacted the NC committee Director, Gregory Saba, and instructed him to invite Kato to participate in this year's carnival entertainment. But Kato says the invitation was not made by Paul personally to him and ". . . the prime minister should sit down with us since we have been banned for the last several years." Kato remains wary of appearing at carnival, but Saba says Kato will have complete control over the content of his performance.

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