Michel Martelly "Sweet micky", enrolled in the Haitian Office Copyright (BHDA)

Before becoming the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly had a long career of 25 years as a musician. He was popular by the nickname Sweet Micky. Martelly has been one of most popular Haitian musicians in the history of the island nation. On Friday, May 31, 2013, he registered his music at BHDA (Haitian Office of Copyright). BHDA was established in the year 2005. The intention of the institution was to protect the rights of the authors and artists.


After over two decades of a successful career as a musician, President Martelly eventually completed his application form and to this, the National Palace responded by saying that this action by President Michel 'Sweet Micky' Martelly actually demonstrated the registration to set tone for all creative people that include writers, composers and artist. Some twenty other artists were also registered the same day.

President Martelly said that any creative work is the work of an author and that each work deserves a salary as mandated by October 12, 2005 decree. The President said that the state agency will support the work and enforce the right for every artist registered with Haitian Bureau of Copyright. He also encourage other Haitian designers and artists to follow the suit of Sweet Micky.

This move of President Martelly was welcomed by artists, Minister of Culture - Josette Darguste and BHDA Director General - Emmelie Prophete Milcé. They said that President Martelly leads by example. The National Palace reported that President Martelly is very convinced about the fact that intellectual and artistic creations can largely benefit the country.

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Subject: Michel Martelly "Sweet micky", enrolled in the Haitian Office Copyright (BHDA) edit

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