Evans Paul of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik(KID), Laurent Lamothe not eligible

Evans Paul, leader of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik (KID), and member of the Alternative Platform, says that Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister-designate, has refused to meet with the Alternative Platform as part of the ratification process to assume the office of Prime Minister. Instead, the Prime Minister-designate has chosen to meet only with members of parliament, trying to subvert the ratification process. Paul describes this move as "a bad practice." The Alternative Platform clearly sees that the Prime Minister-designate is not qualified to assume the responsibilities of office, and asks that Lamothe's deputy colleagues vote their conscience and " . . . assume their responsibilities, on voting day."


Evans Paul attacks those who believe Lamothe will lift Haiti up out its current political crisis, and is asking for early ratification of his Prime Minister-designate status. Paul says his advisary cannot meet his commitments to the country, through the parliamentarian process, a process that wastes time in manipulating and improvising, instead of addressing the country's needs. Their tactics, he says, will lead the country down a road of ruin. He also strongly disapproves of some end-of-term senators' political motives in voting for the Prime Minister-designate, because he believes the senators are only paying attention to their own pet projects, instead of working with their parties to find solutions to the present political crisis.

Evans Paul realizes that ". . . governance of the country has nothing to do with democracy" and without President Martelly (recovering from a blood clot in his lungs) and someone qualified to assume the responsibilities of Prime Minister, "the government is dysfunctional." The Minister of Economy and Finance, André Lemercier Georges, disagrees, asserting "the government . . . is not dysfunctional in the absence of President Martelly."

Finally, Paul and many others doubt the ability of President Martelly to lead the country in the right direction, his unwillingness to confront and make decisions on unpopular issues.

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Subject: Evans Paul of Konvasyon Inite Demokratik(KID), Laurent Lamothe not eligible edit

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