Head Wraps New Fashion Statement

Haitian-American, Paola Mathe, has started a fashion trend, designing head wraps for women. Head wraps are nothing new; Haitian and African women have long worn colorful headdresses. Mathe, who has always worn head wraps, thinks it's about time the fashion world recognizes the inherent beauty of head wraps worn as a fashion statement. For this reason she began her business, Fanm Djanm, which means Strong Woman. A year in business, Mathe has also been designing jewelry and clothes, but the centerpiece of her enterprise remains head wraps.


She began her business with an Instagram account, in which she encouraged women to display photos of themselves in head wraps. Her research gave her ideas she used to develop her first line of head wraps. Her most innovative creation has been a multi-purpose head wrap with a variety of uses. Women have been turning them into neckerchiefs, belts, tops, and shirts.

Mathe sources her fabrics from several African countries and hand sews them herself. Her business is opening up opportunities for women as artisans, increasing the volume of inventory in all categories.

Seizing an opportunity to further grow her business Mathe has traveled to Puerto Rico, where a natural hair movement is happening. Afros are popular, and what better way to accessorize full-volume hair than with an exotic head wrap?

Mathe experienced some skepticism from women initially, but now the trend has really caught fire, and women can't have enough of Mathe's head wraps in their wardrobes.

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