First lady Sophia Martelly wants to be Senator of West

First lady Sophia Martelly thinks she can take the heat in running for an elected seat in Haiti. She will be a candidate to become Senator of the west Department which is considered to be one of the most crowded seats in the up coming election.


She filed the required documents with the CEP to become a candidate in the Aug. 9 election. This decision also put an end to the rumors that she would be running for president to replace her husband.

First lady Sophia Martelly will likely welcome all the helps she could get, especially from the team that helped her husband to be elected as president. However, the first lady has not demonstrated an ability to get a crowd going and support her

What do you think? Do you think she has a chance?

Sophia Martelly, the wife of Haiti's president and mother of four children was little nervous when she was first interviewed on television in November 2011. She joked and mentioned her new status improvement very simply: now she just needs more than one single suit and a single pair of dress shoes. The life of Martelly family took a new turn since the Presidential election in May 2011. There is no doubt that they enjoy the colorful secured life of a president's family, but at the same time, it is little frustrating that there is no part of private in a president's family life. While talking about her husband, she mentioned that although a lot of people might find it very difficult to believe that someone like Michel, who is so outspoken in public could be so quiet and conservative in his personal life. However, he has no intention to return to his most beloved rock star life. Because he has understood the value of dedication and significance of working for own people. Sophia Martelly had also said, for the past 18 years, she has been working for social causes. As a first lady, she has got the opportunity to do the same like before but on a much larger scale.

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