French-Haitian Fritz-Joly Joachim associated with Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Killer

French-Haitian Fritz-Joly Joachim, alleged to have connections with a Charlie Hebdo shooter, was apprehended by Bulgarian police when he tried to cross the border into Turkey on New Year's Day. Joachim's capture happened as a result of his wife contacting authorities to report Joachim had abducted their three-year old son. According to her Joachim was on his way to Syria to indoctrinate his son into radical Islam.


Joachim, 29, has been in police custody since January 1st on a French-issued warrant. While in custody officials discovered his connection to Kouachi brother Cherif, who with his other brother, Said, massacred ten Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, also killing two police officers that day. Another warrant was issued documenting Joachim was involved with a "terrorist criminal group".

Authorities were uncertain if Joachim was headed to Syria to join the terrorist group ISIS, formerly part of Al Qaeda, deceased leader Bin Laden's organization. What authorities know is Joachim was in touch with Cherif the week before the attack on Charlie Hebdo. And according to Mrs. Joachim was an Islam convert from 15 years ago, who had recently turned extremist.

Joachim's story to the police was he, his girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, and his son were holidaying in Istanbul. Authorities however can't confirm if a woman accompanied them. Joachim has been cooperating with police and has not fought extradition to France where he is a citizen. As for Boumeddiene, it has been reported she reached Syria, where she is hiding out.

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