Full Power of Haitian Diaspora to be felt in Haiti Next Election

Haitian Lawmakers voted to allow dual nationality to Haitians. This change in Haiti constitution gives opportunity to all Haitians to participate in the election of Haiti's president.


Do Haitians living abroad really know what just landed in their hands?

With this change in the Haitian constitution, the Haitian Diaspora has acquired huge power and likely to use this new power to help Haiti move to the new world.

Yes, Haitians living in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, France, etc.., you do have much more power now than you can possibly think of.

Do not come out with your Rara band and start celebrating yet.

With power come responsibilities as well. You can no longer blame the Haitians in Haiti for not doing their jobs. You no longer can accuse them of corruption. You can not accuse Haitian politicians period.

Why is that?

The reason why you no longer can't blame Haitian politicians in Haiti is because you are as responsible in the Diaspora for putting them into office as do those living in Haiti.

The campaign for the next presidential election in Haiti will be very interesting. No longer will I need to convince my brother, sister, cousin, aunt or uncle in Haiti to vote for a specific candidate. I wlii take care of it myself. From now on, the presidential candidate will have to come to the Haitian Diaspora and try to convince all 4 millions of us who are living outside of the country and care about the future of Haiti.

The election in Haiti will be a world affair.

The next president of Haiti will have to be the president of all Haitians, regardless of their geographic location. Whether I am living in Haiti, United States, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Canada, France, Etc...

From now on, Haitians living all over the world not only will be able to contribute in elections in Haiti, more importantly this time, they will be able to vote. A new strategy is now required for anyone interested in becoming the president of the country.

I don't think propaganda of the past will work as well in the future.

Welcome to the new world of government.

As a Haitian living outside of Haiti, I would not jump for the new acquired power. Instead, I want to make sure that from now on all elected officials in Haiti are qualified, honest, competent, and actually have the ability to deliver.


Will you vote in Haiti next presidential election in 5 years?

Do you think that with the participation of the Haitian Diaspora in Haiti election it will be business as usual?

What are some of the best ways for the Diaspora to use the new acquired power to vote in Haiti presidential election?

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Jean Paul Pierre says...


I am Haitian again.

Great feeling! Bam' yon kou "sink etwal S.V.P"..pou'm ka

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Rodolphe Schomberg says...

Happ your medium may enable the Haitian voters in getting acquainted with the the Haitian candidates.

The real value of democracy is is in the ability to choose.

However, people who vote seldom know about who they vote. At the last moment candidates are sprung upon the citizens.

There should be an appropriate channel to introduce the candidates to the people, before they are asked to choose.


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Yvon St Felix says...

That will be great for Haitian who live all over the whole I'm so happy and let whole know we stand up
I love

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Rolande Beaubrun says...

I agree with Richard this is our time. This is the time to prove to ourselves that we are capable and willing to contribute in everyway possible in our country.

For as long as I remember we were under a corrupt regiment in Haiti and we had no voice as Haitian Diapora.

Now that we have the chance to be part of something very important in Haiti we have to ue our voices.

We have to remember, Together we will stand and if we divide ourselves we will

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Paul Sanon says...

I want to say one thing about the change in the Haitian constitution.

To allow Haitians living in the Diaspora to vote is is long overdue.


As a Haitian living in the U.S., I became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1986. I was able to bring my motheer, sister, and gave my wife U.S. Residency

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Marise says...

Haiti se pou nou tout. Mem si Moin Kite Peyim, moin toujou renmin li.

Avek nouvo lwa nan Konstitition Ayisyen an, Moin Kapab Vote, Moin Kapab Paticipe

Bel Bagay

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Mina Lubin says...

This is long overdue.

We need to know that the Haitiansliving outside of Haiti love their country as much as those in Haiti, sometimes, even more. Allowing these Haitians to vot in Haiti presidential election can only be a plus for Haiti and Haitians in

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Richard says...

This is our time. Finally The Haitians living outside of haiti has a voice and not only their pocked available whenever there is a problem in haiti.

We can now demand that things are done in a certain way

Good job for all those who made Dual Citizenship a

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