Ghede, Doesn't the "Pimen" burn after the Lwa is Gone?

Like 99% of Haitians, I believe in the Haitian Voodoo. I have observed people being possessed by Lwas. On this November 2, this is high time for Ghede tradition where the "Randed-Vous" is at various Cemeteries around the country.


Baron Samedi will be everywhere, dancing, drinking and performing a variety of acts that would only be allowed on this day of Ghede.

One thing that I am always puzzled about during Ghede is the phenomenon of washing oneself with Hot Pepper, In Haitian Creole, "Pimen". Usually, the people who are possessed by "Papa Ghede" or "Baron Samedi" make sure that the Hot pepper is inserted in their sexual organ.

For the women, I will call that their "Shoushoune".

Hey! Remember that I am Haitian just like any Haitian. I do believe that when you are possessed by the Lwa, you are able to do things that wouldn't have been possible naturally. This include washing the "Shoushoune" with Hot Pepper "Pimen".

That will not prevent me from asking my usual stupid questions:

Doesn't the Pimen burn the "Shoushoune" after the "Lwa" has gone away and you had not had time to wash it off?

Here is: Gede nan simityè pòtòprens

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Arlene says...

Frere Jean, I agree with you 100%, Jesus is what Haiti, Haitians, & It's leaders.

The devil does nothing good. We must continue to lift Haiti up in

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Kelly says...

bon fet papa ghede! and to response to jean chretien: convert to who?

you mean the white jesus that the slave master force upon are people with guns and knives! you must be crazy and still brainwash, do your research and the truth will set you free

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Jean Chretien says...

This is the difference between Lwa and Human a guess.

With all these power that the voodoo people have, why can't they save the country.

Voodoo has never done anything for Haiti.

You all need to convert to Jesus.

The end of the world is

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Subject: Ghede, Doesn't the "Pimen" burn after the Lwa is Gone? edit

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