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Things you will not do not to cause a parent's death?

on't tell me that you are not superstitious or you don't believe on certain common events or occurrences are connected to future events. How many people do believe that if you walk around with one shoe on, you're calling one of your parents to the grave. How about by crawling on your knees or walking on your knees your mother will die? Admit it, you will not sweep the floor at night fearing your mother will die. Last but not least, if you walk with one shoes, your mother will soon die.

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Joseph Fritzner Coma elected as new Ati Nationale

The national Conference of haitian Vodoouisants (KNVA) has eledted a new Ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Coma was chosen to become the new head of the Voodoo religion in Haiti. he obtained 23 votes from the 40 members who voted. Joseph Fritzner Coma has been practicing voodoo for over 37 years. He will replace Mr. Alcenat Zamor who died recently following a car accident.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Joseph Fritzner Coma eli kòm nouvo ati Nationale

Konferans Nasyonal Vodoouisants Ayisyen (KNVA) eledted yon nouvo ati Nationale. Joseph Fritzner Com te chwazi pou vin nouvo tèt nan relijyon vodou an Ayiti. Li te jwenn 23 vote soti nan 40 manm yo ki te vote. Joseph Fritzner Coma te pratike vodou pou plis pase 37 ane. Li pral ranplase Mesye Alcenat Zamor ki te mouri dènyèman apre yon aksidan machin.

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Alcenat Zamor Elected National Ati, Supreme Leader of Voodoo

On Thursday, December 10, 2015, Alcénat Zamor, the 60 year old hougan (voodoo priest) with 42 years of priesthood from his hometown Gros Morne, has been unanimously elected as the new Grand Chief Voodoo in Haiti by the representatives of the National Confederation of Haitian Vaudouisants (Konfederasyon Nasyonal Vodouizan Ayisyen or KNVA).

The news came with the announcement by the Mambo Euvonie Georges Auguste, who has been holding the office of 'Grand Chief Voodoo in Haiti' temporarily since the death of Max Gesner Beauvoir, "the Supreme Servitur" on September 12, 2015. Alcénat Zemmour has been elected for a 7 year term and will assume his new responsibility from coming March 7th, 2016. The new Ati of Haiti has invited everyone to remain united despite their differences.

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Haitians Head to Graveyards on Guede (Ghede)

Guede or Ghede, the alternate names for the God of the Dead, symbolizes the transition between life and death. The name also symbolizes the god of sorcery and tends to mix life with death, which makes him a shrewd trickster. 'Ghede' is mainly known as an undertaker. According to Voodoo beliefs, Gede is an important part of our lives because every one of us would eventually join our dead ancestors who always keep pace with us throughout our entire lives. Every year, gedes are feasted on November 2nd; Haitians make annual visit to the cemeteries throughout the country to pay tribute to the spirits and honor Gede.

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In voodoo, death is an extension of life and not be feared

The 'spiritual realms' operate over and alongside the physical realms where God has absolute authority. It is a real world, invisible to the natural eye but visible to the eye of faith. The following paragraphs are an excerpt of Patrick Delices's memoir, a Pan-African Haitian scholar and political analyst. He wrote it on the sudden demise of Max Gesner Beauvoir on September 12, 2015.

Just a year ago, Professor Delices had met Max G. Beauvoir. Beauvoir was one of Voodoo's highest priests (Ati Houngan) and most venerated supreme servant (Supreme Servitur). Professor Delices was amazed at Beauvoir's wisdom because it surpassed every graduate course he had ever learned in universities. He had taught Professor Delices something which he never heard before-- the secret of life, not to fear the death. The wisdom of Max Beauvoir was supreme as his humility along with his humanity was sublime. In Haitian Voodoo, the ancestral-spiritual realm is understood to be Africa, where the humanity was born and where our souls, after death return to live. Haitian voodoo teaches that death is a process of reborn whereby the soul gets released from the body to bring out the God within us for the greater good of humanity. Life and death are complimentary forces that transform one into the other-- death is not a frightening thing; it is an extension of life. However, this thought differs from western philosophy which says that life and death are not same; they are separate entities where death is a fearful object which is never welcomed.

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Max Beauvoir credited for helping to correct voodoo's image

Max Gesner Beauvoir (August 25, 1936 - September 12, 2015) was a Haitian biochemist and a male priest (Houngan) and the supreme leader (Ati) in Haitian Voodoo. He was a chemist from City College of New York (1958), a biochemist from the Sorbonne (1962) and had worked as a biochemist at Cornell Medical Center till in the early 1970s, when he returned to his homeland in Haiti and applied for a patent to extract and produce cortisone from the sisal plant. Max Beauvoir, the Voodoo supreme chief, died on Saturday, September 12, in Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince after an illness at the age of 79. The cause of death was not immediately known. He played an important role to improve voodoo's sinister image in the world. On his twitter account, President Michel Martelly has described his death as a "great loss for the country".

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Voodoo Sector selects Carline Viergelin for the CEP

What is going on with the Voodoo sector in Haiti? It appear that there is major confusion and conflict between them to come up with someone to represent the at the CEP. From what I understand, they have chosen Voodoo practitioner Carline Viergelin to replace Néhémie Joseph at the CEP; however, many members are not supporting her.

According to information we have on hand, the selection of Carline Viergelin has created more problems than it solves. Many blames President Michel Martelly and the president of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont as being behind this selection.

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Max Gesner Beauvoir, Supreme chief of Voodoo in Haiti, is dead

We just learned that the National Ati also known as the Supreme Chief of of the Voodoo religion in Haiti has passed away. Max Gesner Beauvoir died in Port-au-Prince this weekend. He was 79 years old.

Mr. Max Beauvoir was a biochemist and a houngan who had also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. He Was the first to be elevated to the rank of "National Ati", the highest level in Haitian Voodoo, in 2008. He founded The Peristyle of Mariani in 1974.

Mr. Max Beauvoir's role as Supreme chief of Voodoo was to provide spiritual guide to voodoo practitioners and to defend the religion against ongoing attacks from the other religions such as Catholic, Protestant, Evangelist and other alike.

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Pouki sa yon Houngan ka by Pwin Min Li pa ka ede tet li?

Si ke mwin ape travay nan lakizin, mwe pa ka mouri grangou; si mwen ape travay nan yon faktori kote yo fe rad, mwen pa ka ap mache tottouni. Mwen panse se ta minm bagay pou yon houngan, bokor oubyen manbo an Ayiti.

Eske nou pa janm mande pouki sa yon Houngan, Bokor, ou Manbo kapab by pwin pou moun pou moun gin lajan, min li pa kapab ede tet li? Mwen ouè anpil Houngan an Ayiti, min mwen pa ouè afè yo bon pase sa non?

Sanble mwen prale jete tet mwen nan Paste Leglis pito. O mwen moun sa yo by fidel yo grac, min yo recevwa nan grac sa tou, sitou nan min fidel yo ki kontribye nan la Kolet. Moun sa yo pa minm jan ak Pastè legliz!

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Riviera Beach man dead, believed to place voodoo curse

It will prove to be a case of which story is to be believed. In the case of the murder of Dennis Donahue, in which Haitian Valdano Riche has been indicted, the the court has already been witness to gruesome crime scene photographs which show the deceased lying on the ground, with his head suffused in blood. According to to the state attorney, the murder was committed because the accused wished to break a "spell" placed on him by the deceased. The evidence supporting this so far being more than that the defendant is of Haitian descent and voodoo is prevalent there, the state says it will show evidence from the interrogation of the defendant admitting to this version of events.

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