Hefty Retirement Benefits Package for Haiti Gogernment

President Martelly Government Administrators Sign Agreement to Give Themselves Hefty Retirement Benefits Package


President Martelly in a move some consider illegal has granted a generous severance package to his outgoing government ministers and secretaries of state. He did not leave himself out of the bargain. This is seen as an illegal action, because he has violated the terms of the presidential decree he signed, which stipulated he not use his presidential powers by decree to order any policy unrelated to elections.

Ordinarily an act of this magnitude must be approved by Parliament. Because Parliament was disbanded due to a stubborn refusal by six opposition senators to set a date for national and municipal elections by January 12th 2015, Martelly has extended his presidential powers to award well-paid benefits to his government administrators.

Senator Steven Benoit, running for the 2016 presidency, representing Konviksion, says giving benefits to Martelly's government ministers and secretaries is raiding already-depleted public funds, which belong to services for the poor in Haiti.

Under Civil Retirement Pension, Articles 4 and 6, secretaries of state will receive $27,454.58 USD as well as a duty-free vehicle; government ministers $46,818.22 USD, and a duty-waived personal vehicle also. Other perks include body guards and a life annuity.

Haitians, outraged over the ill-gotten benefits, go hungry due to food insufficiency, but government spokesperson Mario Dupuy side-steps the issue neatly, claiming the benefits package is ". . . a way for people not to fall into corruption after they leave office . . ."

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