Who is now in charge of Haiti: Privert?, Parliament? Enex? only god knows

The National assembly scheduled for June 14 to decide on the future of the Jocelerme Privert did not take place. Only about 30 Senators and Deputies were present yesterday afternoon. We now have a unique situation in Haiti where nobody knows who is really in charge. Is it the National assembly that is unable to hold a meeting? Is it Jocelerme Privert who's term expired on June 14? is it Vice President Enex Jean-Charles?


The Haitian Parliament has declared now they are in charge of the country. In a note issued on June 14, 2016 by both Mr. Cholzer Chancy, President of the Chamber of Deputies and Ronald Lareche, Vice-President of the Senate, The Haitian Parliament wants to inform the nation that this 14th of June, 2016 brought the end of the 120 days of the mendate for the Provisional President Jocelerme Privert. As a rtesult, the Haitian Parliament is engaged in working with the other powers to find a solution.


Ki moun ki se kounye a an chaj an Ayiti: Privert ?, Palman an? Enex ? sèlman Bondye ki konnen

Asanble Nasyonal la ki te pwograme pou 14 jen pou deside sou lavni Jocelerme Privert pa t ' pran plas. Se sèlman 30 Senatè ak Depite ki te prezan yè aprè midi . Nou kounye a gen yon sitiyasyon inik an Ayiti kote pèsonn pa konnen ki moun ki reyèlman an chaj. Èske se Asanble Nasyonal la ki pa kapab minm fè yon reyinyon ? Èske se Jocelerme Privert ki rive nan tèm li 14 jen ? Eske se Vis Prezidan Enex Jean-Charles ?

Palman ayisyen an deklare kounye a yo an chaj nan peyi a. Nan yon nòt ki soti 14 jen 2016 pa tou de Mesye Cholzer Chancy , Prezidan nan chanm Depite a ak Ronald Larèche , Vis-Prezidan nan Sena a, Palman an ayisyen an vle enfòme nasyon an ke 14th nan mwa jen, 2016 te mete yon fen nan 120 jou nan menda Prezidan Pwovizwa Jocelerme Privert la. Kòm rezilta , Palman ayisyen an ape angaje nan travay ak lòt Pouvwa yo pou jwenn yon solisyon.

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Subject: Who is now in charge of Haiti: Privert?, Parliament? Enex? only god knows edit

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