Guidelines for Earthquake Preparedness

When a high magnitude earthquake hits, it can cause severe damage to life and property.


When a high magnitude earthquake hits, it can cause severe damage to life and property. Here are some safety guidelines to prepare for one.

Earthquake safety is important and every family member should know how to protect themselves. When an earthquake strikes, find a sturdy table, chair, or other strong object to crawl under, to protect from falling objects and debris. Standing under a door frame is another form of protection.

Avoid being near a window, underneath any heavy objects, including paintings and mirrors. Stay away from sofas, dressers, armoires, or other heavy furnishings, as well as the fireplace.

Put together an earthquake preparedness kit. Include in it a portable radio, flashlights, and spare batteries for each. Have a first-aid kit assembled, enough bottle water to last several days, two weeks of canned and dried foodstuffs, and a campfire stove and sterno fuel.

Have plenty of extra blankets and pillows for warmth (electric lines may be damaged). Get extra refills of necessary medications.

Use safeguards in your home. All heavy objects like blenders and crackpots should be put on bottom shelves. Put your fine china and glassware in a locked cabinet. Cushion them with newspaper.

No heavy-weight objects should be hung above sitting or sleeping persons. Bolt heavy objects like the washer, dryer, water heater, refrigerator and tall bookcases to the floor.

Don't put any flammables such as gasoline, WD-40, or sterno close to heat-generating appliances.

Get a wrench kit to turn off water, gas, and electricity.

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