Haiti and Dominican Republic Partner for Reforestation Campaign

The governments of Haiti (GOH) and Dominican Republic (DR) have partnered for the "Re-greening DR-Haiti" reforestation movement. The campaign kicked off at World Environment Day in North East Department, Ouanaminthe. Presidents Martelly of GOH and Danilo Medina of DR planted seeds to demonstrate their intent to reach a tree canopy of 27% by 2020. Currently, green coverage amounts to only 2% of Hispaniola Island. The GOH and DR want to increase it to 4% by 2017.


Martelly noted "the last national afforestation campaign dates back to 1980 . . ." He said in over three decades no attempt has been made to reforest Hispaniola. But he reported 400,000-plus seed plantings have occurred in several departments throughout Haiti in the last six weeks. Danilo Medina also reported 6 million-plus seed plantings have occurred in DR.

Martelly ranks environmental issues high on the GOH's to-do list, saying reforestation will happen at the local level also to reach the 2020 goal. In addition, a plant propagation program is being planned, and GOH is aiming for a yearly output of 50 million seeds.

Michel Martelly and Danilo Medina also stopped at the Center of Germplasm and Production of Fruit and Forest Species of Dosmond, a trilateral partnership of Cuba/Dominican Republic/Haiti.

As part of their commitment to Hispaniola reforestation, GOH and DR officials have attended work sessions to share research on environmental topics. Press releases have been distributed to major media outlets to inform the public the commitment GOH and DR have made to re-greening the island.

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