Haiti Constitution of 1807

Title I. Abolishes slavery, grants residents full citizenship rights, protects property, and administers the death penalty for murder.


Title II. Sets up organization of government, appointing Henry Christophe President and Commander-in-Chief of the military. Empowers him to appoint his successor, sign treaties, and declare war.

Title III. Establishes Council of State and its functions under the President. Creates an Office of the Budget, presided over by a Budget Finance Director.

Title IV. Budget Finance Director shall also handle administration of Navy and Interior.

Title V. Creates a Secretary of State responsible for all intra- and inter-departmental correspondence, preparation of official government documents, and co-signatory duties.

Title VI. Sets up courts to adjudicate civil and criminal matters; commercial and banking matters; and ad hoc councils for military malfeasance cases. Gives Justices of the Peace powers as solicitors in arbitration matters and codifies procedural civil- and criminal-court cases.

Title VII. Establishes Christianity as the official religion, ignoring Voodoo rituals held privately. Determines compensation for men of God for services to their parishioners. Protects worship in the house of God.

Title VIII. Establishes public and private school education and regulates wages of teaching professionals.

Title IX. Proclaims government shall not interfere with colonial rule within its territory, nor seek to invade foreign countries.

Title X. Demands conscription of youth and men to defend the country when needed. Creates apportionment law for political representation. Bans divorce, protects marriages, and the rights of children from parental abandonment. Suspends enforcement of the Constitution where violent uprisings demand intervention.

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