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Obtaining a Divorce in Haiti

Disillusionment of marriage on the cheap and in the quickest possible time is a profitable feature of the judicial system in Haiti. Caribbean divorces have been a favorable option for many United States couples who wish to be divorced as the ease and quickness of the procedure means they can move on with their lives that much quicker.

The procedure for obtaining a bilateral divorce in the country of Haiti includes a personal appearance in court with the submission of certain documents including, a letter of information, an original or copy of the marriage certificate or an affidavit that has been notarized, identification, a copy of an agreement of separation (this is not mandatory) and the defendant's waiver, submission to jurisdiction and power of attorney. For a unilateral divorce, all documents but the defendant's waiver is necessary. The defendant will be notified by the judge of the action for divorce and will have 12 days to respond, 20 if they live outside of the western hemisphere.

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Haiti Constitution of 1807

Title I. Abolishes slavery, grants residents full citizenship rights, protects property, and administers the death penalty for murder.

Title II. Sets up organization of government, appointing Henry Christophe President and Commander-in-Chief of the military. Empowers him to appoint his successor, sign treaties, and declare war.

Title III. Establishes Council of State and its functions under the President. Creates an Office of the Budget, presided over by a Budget Finance Director.

Title IV. Budget Finance Director shall also handle administration of Navy and Interior.

Title V. Creates a Secretary of State responsible for all intra- and inter-departmental correspondence, preparation of official government documents, and co-signatory duties.

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Difference between Abduction and Kidnapping

Abduction, a form of kidnapping, is often associated with family abduction. Family abduction occurs when a child is taken by force away from their family. Frequently the perpetrator is a parent, who has been involved in a child custody dispute with their former partner.

The legal definition of abduction is a coercive act performed in defiance of a custody order. In some cases, family abductions are carried out surreptitiously. They begin when a parent or anyone acting in their place uses pretext to get possession of the child, for instance, taking the child for an outing and never returning them. The perpetrator hides the child, taking them over state lines to keep the victim-parent away from their child. The objective of abduction is to get illegal custody of the child, violating the primary caretaker's rights.

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Understanding Alimony And How It Can Apply To You

Alimony is a term you will commonly hear during divorce proceedings. In simple terms, it is a financial arrangement between divorcing couples, one of whom will receive financial support from the other upon separation. Generally, the non-working partner will receive regular payments from his/her employed spouse depending on the latter's income.

In many cases, one of the married couples is employed while the other takes care of the household and provides emotional and physical support to the working one. In this case, think of alimony as recognition for the contributions and sacrifices given all throughout the relationship.

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Child Support Calculation: Things You Should Know

Children are the most vulnerable people affected in a divorce proceeding. Their interests should be protected at all costs. They shouldn't feel neglected the moment their parents decided to go on separate ways. And this is why you have to understand the importance of child support and how to go about it.

Whether you will be the custodial or non-custodial parent, you need to know how to calculate child support for your kid. To know more about it, here are some pieces of information that can help you out.

Child support policies may differ depending on the state you and your family are living in. However, the common factors involved in child support calculation include the parents' monthly income, the child's needs, and the parents' financial condition. Your child's standard of living should you and your partner remained married is also a factor to take into account because the kid should not get less than he/she deserves.

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