Haiti Election 2010

Based on report of the 2010 Haiti election, it was chaotic. Several incidents were registered at several pooling places throughout the country. Around 2:00pm, several candidates demanded that the elec tion be nullified due to fraud and massive irregularities

Archives Nationales d'Haiti

Today, there are thousands of Haitians that have settled and built their homes, families, and businesses in other countries. For the past years, it has always been troublesome for these Haitians abroad in attaining many of their personal documents from Haiti since the country lacked properly-organized archives of its citizens' government-issued documents.

To address this long-standing issue, the Haitian government officially established the National Archives of Haiti last May in order to improve the process and service of delivery and extraction of archived documents to Haitians living abroad. This proclamation was done in the presence of President Michel Martelly, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad Daniel Torment, the Minister of Culture Jean-Gardy Ady, and a few CEOs and owners of businesses in Haiti including Ministère des Haïtiens Vivant à l'Etranger or MHAVE's Joseph Augustin Leprince and its several employees.

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Next Electoral Council in Haiti, will it be Permanent of Temporary?

The date is set for Wednesday, August 15, 2012. What will it be. Will Michel Martelly go without the the participation of the Legislative branch and form a Permanent Electoral Council to organize the next election in Haiti or will he become more conciliatory and agree to Temporary Council?

That is the $100,000.00 question.

The Government announced recently that if by August 15th, Haitian Legislators did not come up with their three representatives. they will be put on the sideline. The day is today.

We are now waiting for a decision.

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Video Report - Michel Martelly in Cap-Haitian walked from Airport to Place Dame

Here is a video report of Haitian president Michel Martelly during a visit to the city of Cap-Haitian on July 24, 2011. The president actually walked from Cap-Haitian airport all the way to the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian. This video takes you to the entire journey. the president, sometimes dances, sometimes run as the population was singing and dancing. All the people were apparently very happy to see their president being just like them.

As he arrived at the Place Notre Dame of Cap-Haitian, President Michel Martelly visited several location, including "Archeveche du Cap".

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Can Sweet Mickey really be the Next President of Haiti?

Can Sweet Mickey be President of Haiti

Can someone help me answer this question: How does Sweet Mickey move from this to the Presidency of Haiti?

Do you think Sweet Micky is serious about wanting to become president for Haiti?

It's official, Michel, AKA Sweet Mickey is eligible and is running for President of Haiti.

A pa li Papa!

Everyone is running for president in Haiti, except those who can really change the country. See this video of the potentially next president of Haiti Mickey performing live:

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