Haiti, one of 8 countries in the world half of its children not attending school

Of 8 nations in world where half of the children don't attend school, Haiti is one of the countries. It is because of this reason that Laurent Lamothe - Prime Minister of Haiti and Vanneur Pierre - Minister of Education for Haiti attended a meeting with UNESCO in Washington D.C. along with the ministers of the 7 other nations. The other nations include South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria, India, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bangladesh.


UNESCO called this meeting to discuss the challenges faced by these countries and the steps that can be taken to open doors for education for the children. International Monetary Fund and World Bank hosted a ministerial meeting on April 18 with a theme called 'Learning for All'. Michaëlle Jean, UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti also attended the meeting. It was informed to the press by Michaëlle Jean that she participated in the round table that dedicated specifically for Haiti alongside Vanneur Pierre, Laurent Lamothe, Irina Bokova (Director General of UNESCO) and Gordon Brown (US Special Envoy for Global Education).

Michaëlle Jean reported that Haiti has made progress in opening up education for its children. She reported that the enrollment percentage shot up to 88% in 2011 from 64% registered in 1997. However, she reported that Haiti is still way behind the Millennium Development Goals set for 2015. The Haitian government recommended funding school meals for 200,000 children, continuous education for 50,000 administration and faculty and development of more elementary schools.

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Subject: Haiti, one of 8 countries in the world half of its children not attending school edit

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