Haiti to receive 5.8 from Switzerland on Jean-Claude Duvalier's behalf

The final process to return $5.8 million to Haiti is underway.


The assets of Jean-Claude Duvalier has been frozen in a Swiss bank since 1986
, collecting dusts. The Swiss government announced that the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) initiated forfeiture proceedings before the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) concerning the Duvalier assets frozen in Switzerland.

Frozen since 1986? I guess by now it is a hard rock.......

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that if everything goes according to plan, Switzerland may return up to $5.8 million to the Haitian Government

I am repeating it again: $5.8 million!

Don't you see anything wrong with this picture?

From 1986 to to 2011 no interest accumulated. Hummmmm.......

Like the swiss government said it was FROZEN


Do you think the money should be returned to the Haitian government?

What about any interest accumilated?

Do you think the money was literally "Frozen" in a Swiss bank?

Please comment

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Patchuko 1 Orlando Fl says...

first, is jonas one of those people?

second, either haiti or duvalier should sue the swiss bank for trying to steal the interest on that money.

Now after solving that problem, the treasury of the new cabinnet of haiti should seat with duvalier and deduct taxes that he owed the country when he was president.

we have to stop assuming that when a person become president of haiti he/she automatikly becomes a thief.

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Jamey says...

This 5.8 million has to return to the Haitian government elected n used that money for the rebuild a part of Haiti after what the Junuary 10th 2010 look forward people n give Haiti a chance to be the pele des Antilles thank

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Fafa says...

This money is belong to Jean Claude Duvalier so its must return to him even though it had been stolen.

There isn't any haitian president who not stole our money.

He has the the right to have his money back at least he did something for

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Ticomere says...

If Jean-Claude Duvalier has been required to give the money back to Haiti, so should Aristide, and Preval...

We are imbarking on a new govertment of change and I am confident this money will be use for the advance of the country...it's time to move forward and look into working with the goverment who was elected by the people for the people.

GO My president elect Michele

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Rico says...

I do not want to be pessismist but there is a chance that once the New Haitian government receives the fund from Swiss, they might go back and return it to Jean-Claude

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Jonas says...

The Haitian government will not use this money properely.

They have a track record to prove that. The money that Jean-Claude duvalier stole from the Haitian people should be returned and put in a special account for the people who were abused under the

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Subject: Haiti to receive 5.8 from Switzerland on Jean-Claude Duvalier's behalf edit

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