Provisional Electoral Commission(CEP) does miracle with legislative vote counts

Who said miracles could not happen in Haiti? If you think miracle is not possible in Haiti, you need to take a look at the last Legislative election in Haiti.


Do you want to know how the Provisional Electoral Commission(CEP) was able to pull a rabbit out of a hat during the last legislative vote counts?

Imagine that all votes counted and a preliminary result said that a candidate of the UNITE party came in third place with a total of 90,000 votes. Now imagine just a few days later, a recount of the same votes brought the same candidate from third place all the way to first place, with 145,000 votes. This is a gain of 55,000 votes.


Now you know. If you are in front of an impossible situation and want a miracle, call the CEP.

The US embassy in Haiti that do not believe in miracles like the members of the Provisional Electoral Commission (CEP) do, is concerned about possible fraud in the last legislative counts in Haiti.

The US embassy wants full explanation from the current Haitian government and the Provisional Electoral Commission (CEP). They want to know why 18 candidates suddenly wan the election when they did not show they were leading in the preliminary results. Strangely enough, 16 of these sudden and surprised winners are from the Government's UNITE Party.

It's a Miracle!

The President-elect, Michel Martelly, who has much to loose, wants explanation as well. With a possible absolute majority threat, Martelly will have to negotiate with the UNITE party if he wants his government to be effective because the UNITY party has major

Now I believe in Miracle.


Do you believe in miracle?

Do you have a wish list for the CEP?

Do you believe that the CEP can make anything possible?

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Ticomere says...

We do love our country and need to stop making excusses...Everyone loves to make money and there nothing wrong with that, as long as the job you are being paid for is completed and supported.

The interest in Haiti is not about 'neg' but about change.

We need to stop being so negative and role our sleeves up and become part of the movement...So I challenge you to start changing the way you think!!! Be possitive and give haiti a chance...We have hit rock bottom, the only way we can move is up!!! I believe so there for it will

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Ticomere says...

The Haitien people are tired! and they spoke loud and clear in the presidential election.

Haiti has a long history but when the people say enough they had enough!! we have people starving for change...We are not stupid!! Micky will make the change with them or not as long as he speak to the people and let them know what is going on each step of the way...If a politician recieves money do complete a project then he should be held accountable and should face criminal charge for not completing the project!!! This action will stop all this corruptions!!! Micky don't loose faith!!! the job needs to be do

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Jean says...

I don't know what to say.U.S in

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Parlo says...

How will Michel Martelly be able to do anything with this country of Haiti.

Soon you willl see Martelly doing all he can to take his own advantage.

What I have noticed in Haiti is that: even sometime if you com with good intention, the system will change you

Good luck my friend with Haiti.

You will change

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Nanottea says...

Every Haitian will tell you that they love their country.

That is until it does not interfer with their personal interest.

We do not have a country.

We only have a beautiful piece of land that we exploit

All the love for Haiti go doen to the drain when "Ti Neg" see the possibility to make

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Melanie S. says...

How can we expect Haiti become something we are proud of. The country is loaded with crooks who do not see a country

All they see is Power and money.

They will do anything they can to maintain

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Toto says...

This is unbelievable

How can these people do something so obvious.

The UNITE Party wants to steal the election any way they can.

When the people are watching, they stop using diplomacy.

The members of the UNITE Party along with Rene Preval woulld have been in jail if they tried this some other

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