A face lift to Champ-de-Mars in Port-au-Prince

Reconstruction plans for Haiti are coming along quite well as evidenced in Port-au-Prince, more specifically within Champ de Mars and the efforts should be completed by June 2014. There will be one large park which will allow the monuments already in place between locations Christophe, Dessalines and the Constitution to remain intact. It will be the largest leisure park in the capital providing families with a place to go and enjoy. There will be a beautiful garden to give pleasure to its visitors. There will be basketball and volleyball courts for the children along with a skateboard park. There will also be areas providing concessions and handmade items and crafts.


The people of Haiti are happy to see the reconstruction efforts begin as it means they will finally be able to show their children, grand-children, and future generations what life in Haiti was like before the terrible events of January 2010 which shook Haiti.

Haiti is experiencing renewed hope, reconstruction, and somewhat of a rebirth. The teams responsible for this change are being assisted by Canada in recreating an amphitheater. The two architects have created a master plan that will serve the public quite well.

Along with Canada's assistance Haiti has already fulfilled one promise to its people which is that after the horrible events of the 2010 earthquake, those people in temporary makeshift homes are now being placed in permanent housing. Clearly, Canada's involvement is multidimensional from recreation, government, and humanitarian efforts. Champ de Mars is even scheduled to host the carnival of flowers at the president's go-ahead.

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