Hand in Hand travels to Fonds Parisian in Haiti

Those who buy products from Hand in Hand Soap have the opportunity to have their purchase be more long lasting than it might normally have been. Bill Glaab and Courtney Apple of the company have traveled to Haiti, fulfilling the promise to give what assistance they can to those in need. They found themselves, on the third day of their trip, in the mountains at Fonds Parisian, delivering on their promise.


For every product sold, Hand in Hand Soap donates a bar of soap plus a month's worth of clean water to children of the country. One their trip, however, the company representatives did more than just deliver the promised supplies, they took the time to socialize with the communities they visited, and give needed repairs to damaged wells.

On their Fonds Parisian leg of the trip, their method of bringing fresh water to the community members was different from their normal repair of broken wells, as the area is near to a natural spring that is large enough to be adequate. It was, however, not easily accessed because of the mountain ranges, which forced residents for years to travel up the mountain to fetch clean water. It will take Hand in Hand about a month to instal a workable solution, but the plan is to repair faucets linked to two cisterns previously installed to tap that water, but which had been damaged in previous natural disasters.

Not leaving the mandate of promoting good hygiene far behind, the group spoke to the residents of how important simple hand washing can be in staving off deadly waterborne diseases.

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