Study found one-third of adults in Fontaine, Haiti, suffer from hypertension

Research conducted by Vincenzo Polsinelli, a second-year medical student at the University of Buffalo, shows that there is a frighteningly high rate in Haiti of hypertension. The study, done on 572 participants in Fontaine, revealed that 30.5 percent, or almost a third of the group is hypertensive. Hypertension is a fairly common disorder in which the blood pressure of a sufferer is higher than what would be deemed normal. Complications from this are many and varied, and it is especially dangerous because, according to the study, many of the afflicted are not aware they are hypertensive.


Other findings of the study show that the rate of affected in women is higher than that in them, 40.6% and 23.4% respectively. It detailed that 62.2% of the men and 47% of the women studied weren't aware they were hypertensive, accordingly, many of them were not even on medication for the condition. According to Polsinelli, the data is made the more surprising because there was very little reported use of tobacco and alcohol. Because of these statistics, the study will prove beneficial not only for academics, but in making people aware of their health status. This condition, if left untreated, can result in chronic kidney disease, stroke, coronary heart disease, and can create complications in other medical emergencies.

The study was made possible by a summer fellowship made to Polsinelli to the tune of $4,000 from The Arnold P. Gold Foundation. With it, Polsinelli also won the University of Buffalo's Glauser Travel Fellowship and used it to carry out ten weeks of study. The project could open to doors to research in the future, as more study will need to be done to come up with the most effective method of treating the condition and its prevalence among Haitians.

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Subject: Study found one-third of adults in Fontaine, Haiti, suffer from hypertension edit

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