Haitian Football Federation (FHF), $1 Million contract with Colombian SAETA

Haitian Football Federation (HFF) is not satisfied with a sponsorship contract it signed with South American sporting goods manufacturer, SAETA, recently. HFF Vice President, Robert Jean-Bart, spoke with an online Haitian radio station about the $1 million, five-year contract running from 2013 through 2018. He said the annual payout was for $200,000 USD for HFF to equip and outfit its national teams. But he added SAETA has not paid HFF a dime.


In a breach of contract, SAETA has made excuses their inventory dried up and therefore it was unable to outfit Les Grenadiers for the two exposition games they played against Spain and Italy. But where is the money SAETA contracted to give HFF?

In another mix-up, SAETA is calling sports retailers to get enough inventory back, so they can outfit Les Grenadiers in time for the Gold Cup in July. It gets worse. SAETA is planning to put Les Grenadiers' uniforms on sale just before the Gold Cup. They want to increase sales figures, knowing eager fans will be thronging sports centers in the U.S, trying to get their hands on the discounted items.

HFF's Executive Committee is remaining silent on the sponsorship signing, while Jean-Bart is publicly speaking about it. It is obvious SAETA has breached the terms of the agreement. What HFF needs to do is break the contract. They have sponsorships with Digicel and SogeXpress, and they can bide their time until they find another sponsor more responsible.

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Jean-frantz says...

GRENADIERS! Let this be a lesson to you. Be very careful when dealing with Latin American countries, especially one's who are not yet fully established.

There is an extreme risk of illegitimacy.

Please look towards Adidas etc. who are established and may want to pay bigger bucks for a national team that is gaining more and more time in the spotlight (Copa America etc.) to advertise their logo. Television deal with Canal* (France) was a great

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Subject: Haitian Football Federation (FHF), $1 Million contract with Colombian SAETA edit

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