Haitian woman killed while running to catch bus for work

This story is sad; however it can be used to remind our family member, friends and other Haitians to be careful out there. Liked many other Haitians who wake-up early, run out to catch the bus so they can get to work on time, the 41 year old Marise Clerveau was struck and killed by a car as she was running to catch a bus to get to work on time yesterday. She was on her way to work as a home attendant in a home to care for elderly patients.


Marise Clerveau was running to catch a bus because she did not want to be late for work

Mwen repote nouvel sa pou yon bon rezon. Kombyen fya nou wè Ayisyen ki swa an reta pou yo rive nan travay yo oubyen leve tro tar ape pran yon seri de decisyon nan lari-a ki kapab mete levi yo an dange? Plizyè foi mwen nan lari, mwen ouè moun kape traverse lari kote yo pa gade ni devan, ni deyè, ni akote. Se yon sel bagay yo ouè se otobis la ki ap kiteyo. Lè konsa, moun sa yo mete vi yo an dange; yon dange ki pa necesè.

Antouka frè mwen, sè mwen deyo-a, mwen deplore lanmô Marise Clerveau. Annou pran sa komm yon examp pou nou pa riske vi nou deyô-a pou yon "Degoudin"

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Subject: Haitian woman killed while running to catch bus for work edit

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