Haitians traveling to the Dominican Republic become victims of Crime

Tourists going to the Dominican Republic are finding the visit a bit dangerous. In this regard the latest victim has been Patrick Alexis. On December 12, 2012, several bandits assaulted him with stones, injuring parts of his body and face.


Who Were The Victims Of Banditry

Patrick Alexis who had been assaulted by bandits received some medical care at the Dominican Republic's local hospital and he is fine at present.

He is not the only Haitian victim of crime. There have been others like the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Jean Tolbert Alexis, Paul Evans, Daniel Supplice and Daniel Torment who all have been subjected to assault by bandits in Haiti.

Meeting Between Dominican Ambassador Of Haiti And Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Chancellery of Haiti invited Ruben Silie Valdez, the Dominican Ambassador of Haiti to a meeting to discuss the acts of banditry on the road connecting Santo Domingo and Jimani. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierre-Richard Casimir was accompanied by the State of Foreign Affairs Secretary, Jacques Nixon Myrthil.

There was a concern raised against the repeated attacks and it was likely to cause harm in relations prevailing between the two countries. It was decided to give special attention to prevent the increasing banditry cases on the international routes that link both the Republics.


Rental vehicles are not allowed to cross the border between the countries. Jimani is an entry point in the south that connects Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The second point of entry is in the north, Dajabon which goes to Santiago from Cap Haitien. Special permission of the government from the country of origin is required for rented motor vehicles. The points of crossing will be closed between 6 pm till 8 am the next morning, Dominican time.

Ruben Silie Valdez and Pierre-Richard Casimir agreed that possible solutions will be explored by the police officials of both the countries for countering the acts of crimes and punish all those who were guilty.

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