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Haiti Ambassador Daniel Supplice Removed From Post

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Daniel Supplice, who was appointed as the Haitian ambassador to Santo Domingo by replacing Fritz Cineas in last February, has been removed "permanently" from his post by the Haitian government. As per Foreign Ministry information, Supplice was not defending his country appropriately amid the current immigration issues with the Dominican Republic. He recently had made a public statement to the daily 'Le Nouvelliste' blaming own government that they were responsible for the fact that due to lack of documentation, a good number of Haitians living illegally in the D.R could not register under the regularizing plan before the deadline of June 17th. In his remark, he had said that Haiti's Immigrant Documentation Program (PIDIH) to help Haitian compatriots in the Dominican Republic regularize their status, had failed miserably. The former Haiti General Consul Edwin Paraison, who has spoken personally with Supplice has tweeted that as per Supplice's statement he was primarily called for a consultation but it was a government's decision to recall him to Haiti. However, the former consul considers this as a routine change, to some extent, it is a diplomatic crisis between two neighboring states, but never means their diplomatic ties are broken. As per journalist Edit Febles report on Colorvision Channel 9, until some other arrangement is made, a commercial attaché will manage the Haiti embassy in Santo Domingo.

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Daniel Supplice Letter to President Martelly on Dominican Crisis

Daniel Supplice response to the President of Haiti following his revocation as Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Mr. Supplice lays some blames on the Haitian authorities for the conditions so many of our compatriots are living in in the Dominican Republic.

Here is the letter written by former Haiti Ambassador to the Dominican, Mr. Daniel Supplice to President Michel Martelly:

""Mr. President,

After having for 92 days carried with honor, respect, patriotism and national consciousness the bicolor in the territory of Duarte, Sanchez and Mejia, I have the honor to return you without dirtying in its glorious folds with the patriotic feeling of having tried to be helpful.

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Resignation of Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Bernice Phidelia, dual nationality raised

According to the Communication Office of the Haitian Prime Minister, Bernice Phidelia, the Minister of Haitians living abroad, gave her resignation, Monday, June 10, 2013 to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs, Pierre Richard Casimir will be assuming this function until further notice.

In less than six Months on the job, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Bernice Phidelia had to call it a quit. She had taken office on 25 January 2013, following another cabinet reshuffle where she replace Mr. Daniel Supplice.

Bernice Phidelia left her position after accusations have been mounting against her that she nationality other than Haitian. According to Senator John Joel Joseph, she has dual nationality.

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Daniel Supplice, New Haiti's ambassador to the Dominican Republic

We received the news that Daniel Supplice, the former Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, was appointed on March 5, 2013 by President Michel Martelly to become the new Haiti's ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Daniel Supplice is a well known and experienced Haitian Foreign Diplomat. He was Consul General of Haiti in Tokyo, Japan from 1973 to 1974, First Secretary, Embassy of Haiti, in Rome, Italy from 1974 to 1976, First Secretary, Embassy of Haiti in Mexico City from 1976 to 977. He was also Director General of Immigration and Emigration from 1977 to 1979, Director General of Immigration and Emigration in 1979, Under-Secretary of State for the Interior and National Defence from 1979 to 1981.

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The beginning of the end of Jean Claude Duvalier Reign

Four students were shot to death in the city of Gonaives by soldiers and Tonton macoute of the Duvalier regime in November, 1986. The security forces opened fire on an anti-government demonstration in the northern during several months. The government was desperate and made use of some of the most oppressive measures to stop the popular protest against Jean Claude Duvalier, including press censorship and jailing of opposition political figures.

One of the point that signaled the beginning of an end to the JeanClaude duvalier regime was his Cabinet Reshuffle of 1985. As the pressure was mounting from the population for Jean Claude Duvalier to get out of power, in a surprising 1:00a.m announcement, he announced a major Cabinet Reshuffling. He removed four principal Cabinet ministers following the shooting death of four school children in Haiti. The student were part of the general protest in the country demanding an end to the Duvalier regime.

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Haitians traveling to the Dominican Republic become victims of Crime

Tourists going to the Dominican Republic are finding the visit a bit dangerous. In this regard the latest victim has been Patrick Alexis. On December 12, 2012, several bandits assaulted him with stones, injuring parts of his body and face.

Who Were The Victims Of Banditry

Patrick Alexis who had been assaulted by bandits received some medical care at the Dominican Republic's local hospital and he is fine at present.

He is not the only Haitian victim of crime. There have been others like the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Jean Tolbert Alexis, Paul Evans, Daniel Supplice and Daniel Torment who all have been subjected to assault by bandits in Haiti.

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Haiti Cabinet Shake, Bernice Fidelia, Magalie Racine and David Bazile as new members

After so many speculations. After so many names mentioned to be on the list of termination in the Government of Laurent Lamothe, the decision has been made. After being in power for just over a year and a half. The Martelly presidency obviously has not been working to the satisfaction of the president.

As a result, some heads have to roll!

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe gave the news about the reshuffling of his ministerial Cabinet via Twitter. The new members of his cabinet include:

Bernice Fidelia who replaces Daniel Supplice as minister for Haitians Living Abroad. She recently occupied the position of liaison with the Haitian diaspora.

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Haitian Journalist Patrick Alexis Victim of Bandit attacks in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is becoming more dangerous for Haitian tourists. Patrick Alexis is the latest victim in this regard. Traveling to the Dominican Republic, the journalist Patrick Alexis was assaulted by several bandits on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

It was reported that bandits attacked Patrick Alexis with stones and he received injuries in the face and other parts of his body. He received medical care in a local hospital in the Dominican republic and currently is reported to be fine.

Patrick Alexis has not been the only Haitian to become victim of cime in the Dominican republic recently. Beside those not reported to the press, Recently Paul Evans (K-Plim), Jean Tolbert Alexis, Minister Daniel Torment, as well as Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), Daniel Supplice, have been Victims of Bandit attacks in the Dominican Republic.

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Wilson Laleau or Daniel Supplice, Who will be Haiti Next Prime Minister ?

Michel Martelli is keeping the population guessing as to his choice for the next Prime Minister. Several names have been incirculation; however only two have been confirmed to be serious candidates. They are Wilson Laleau and Daniel Supplice.

Forget about other names that have appeared on the list of possible candidates for Prime Ministers. It has been common practices in Haiti for some people to include their own names in high government functions that have become vacant just for the publicity and name recognition.

The two candidates rumored to be on the final list of President Michel Martelly are well qualified for the Prime Minister position and also do not carry baggage that would make it hard to get a consensus. Professor Wilson Laleau is the current Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at the Université d'Etat d'Haiti. Sociologist Daniel Supplice is also a well respected educator.

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The List of Potential Rouzier Cabinet Members is out. See it here first

The "Haitian Joudalist" is always on top of the action. We have the revised list of the people who will be in charge of the different ministries under Daniel Rouzier government. This is not an official list. It was provided by Haitilibre.Com and it is subject to change or modification at any point before it becomes official.

The list is as follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- Mr. Daniel Supplice (Sociologist and principal political adviser of Michel Martelly)

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor -- Mr. Richard Morasse (economist)

Ministry of Agriculture -- Mr. Eric Balthazar (Historian UEH)

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