Carrefour Commune Opens New Full-Service Hospital

President Martelly presided over the launching of the new community care center, located in Arcachon in the commune of Carrefour. The director of the new medical facility is Dr. Raoul Pierre-Louis. Present for the opening ceremonies were Minister of Health, Dr. Florence Guillaume, Carrefour mayor; Jude Machado Pierre; deputy mayor, Elie Blaise; Cuba Ambassador to Haiti, Ricardo Napoles; and B razil Ambassador to Haiti, Jose Luis Machado e Costa.


Martelly praised the accomplishment of the multiple partnership that has priorly built two satellite hospitals in Bon Repos and Beudet, Ary Bardes Hospital.

State-of-the-art Arcachon Hospital is designed to provide health care to 60,000 residents. It is a 61-bed facility, offering standard services in internal medicine; orthopedics; pediatrics; obstetrics/gynecology. Operating rooms for maternity, in-patient/out-patent surgery; pre- and neo-natal care.

Dr. Guillaume said she was very pleased with the new hospital that will service more fully the Carrefour community. Ambassadors Napoles and Machado e Costa re-emphsized their ongoing commitment to funding Haiti on other infrastructure projects. They also lauded First Lady Sophia and Dr. Guillaume's efforts to raise the standard of healthcare and its accessibility for the people of Haiti.

The town of Arachon sits in Haiti's West Department, an area where the Haitian goernment is paying a lot of attention to. They have plans to build up the tourism infrastructure land have already installed a new air strip for the region's airport which provides domestic flights to locales like Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

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