Invention of reusable diaper to improve health, sanitation in Haiti

Some people would say that the solution to all our problems is in our head. Michael Wahl who is a 40-year-old missions pastor while in Haiti, witnessed the way a woman had to deal with her child's feces and thought there has to be a better way. Michael Wahl took it on his own to find a solution and came up with Reusable diapers help babies in Haiti .


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Michael Wahl is a 40-year-old mission's pastor who has dedicated his life for ensuring healthy and sanitary living of the people in the developing nations. He has helped to bring filtered water in some of the poorest part of Haiti where there was no water or bathrooms. When he witnessed the unhygienic disposal of infants' fecal matter, he came up with an idea of reusable diaper and created 'DriButts Reusable Diaper' with his wife Starla E Wahl to help the children in the underdeveloped villages stay healthy. During his visit in last September, Michael Wahl, the founder of DriButts, has distributed 720 reusable diapers to 360 families in the villages in Leogane. Two diaper for each family-- enough to last an infant for two years. This would prevent fecal matter contamination of food and water and uncontrolled spread of diseases like dysentery, typhus fever, cholera, and typhoid.

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Subject: Invention of reusable diaper to improve health, sanitation in Haiti edit

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