The Mighty Onion Flavorful and Nutritious Addition to Diet

The onion, in all its shapes and varieties, not only provides a succulent addition to hot recipes and crunchiness to raw salads, but also promotes many health benefits.


The onion is classified as a botanical vegetable, part of the genus alliaceae, also called allium cepa. The plant grows approximately two feet in height, and takes three to our months before it can be harvested. It is a popular vegetable used in cooking all over the globe.

Yellow and white onions possess a pungency because of a sulfur compound, allyl propyl disulphide. The Spanish red variety are milder and sweeter, a perfect accompaniment to salads. The shallot, a small, mild-tasting onion, possesses an ovular shape and sweeter flavor.

Onions possess a variety of health benefits. Each contain only 40 calories, have very little fat, and are packed with dietary fiber. Their phytochemical compounds when crushed, sliced, or minced offer protection from cancer and decrease blood sugar levels, important for diabetics. They also decrease cholesterol levels and contain anti-bacterial, -viral, and -fungal activities.

Onions reduce blood pressure, lowering the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke. Their antioxidant properties, contained in vitamin C and manganese, act as an anti-inflammatory in relieving cold and flu symptoms. Onions are also a plentiful source of the the vitamin B complex. Vitamin B-6 helps to provide protection from neuroses, which affect the nervous system.

Onions in all their forms should be part of a regular nutritious diet.

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