Type O blood is very delicious to mosquitos

An individual with a Type O blood is more delicious than one with Type A. In a study conducted in a controlled environment, researchers found that mosquitoes landed on people with Type O blood more often than any other blood types. The second preference for the mosquitos are people with type B blood. People with type O blood came dead last as the received even less mosquito bites. There is another level to this study which is even more important. Some people easily reveal their blood type through chemical signal in their skin. Those people are more likely to be bitten by mosquitos.


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Kalite O san se yon bagay ki bon gou moustik

Yon moun ki gen san Kalite O gen pi plis bon gou pase yon ak san Kalite A. Nan yon etid ki fèt nan yon anviwònman kontwole, Chèchè yo te jwenn moustik te ateri sou moun ki gen jan san O souvan plis pase nenpòt lòt gwoup sangen. Dezyèm Preferans pou moustik yo se moun ak kalite san B. Yon lòt bagay plis enpòtan. Gen kèk moun ki Fasil revele kalite san yo nan siyal chimik nan po yo. Moun sa yo gen plis chans pou moustik mode yo

Ki sa ou panse ?

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